Video: Greenland by fat bike with Australian adventurer Kate Leeming

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Australian adventurer Kate Leeming has taken to the icy nation of Greenland, facing blizzards and gales, as she tested her equipment and her body in preparation for a world-first cycle across Antarctica via the South Pole.

Initial targets for a 400-kilometre fat bike expedition had to be wound back as the blizzard stalled the start by eight days. Then, the load of soft snow it dumped made riding impossible in parts and incredibly tough in others. The fresh snow made it hard to keep even her custom built two-wheel drive fat bike rolling, but at least it softened the falls that inevitably came when the momentum stalled.

The Greenland trip may not have turned out exactly to plan, however, the main aim was always Antarctic preparation – trialling equipment and gauging Leeming’s physical readiness for the harsh conditions.

“The seven days I spent out on the modified route were very testing and I believe have provided valuable experience for Antarctica,” said Leeming in her blog entry on the expedition. “In that time I was exposed to a range of conditions, setting off into the teeth of a howling Arctic gale.”

If she can gather enough support Leeming plans to take on a 1,850 kilometer, 45 day trek across the isolated Antarctica at the end of this year, after delaying it from last year due to a funding shortfall. Leeming has already cycled a distance that is equivalent to two trips around the world on the equator on her various expeditions.

To find out more about Leeming’s Greenland trip, her motivation to take on Antarctica and to enjoy the stunning icy vistas of Greenland, see the video above by adventure film-maker Claudio von Planta. She has also done a blog entry on the trip, which can be found on her website.

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