• krashdavage

    Nice paint but it’s still a Specialized…. I guess proof that you can indeed polish a turd!

    • Mark

      problem with specialized? not arguing just curious :)

      • krashdavage

        Yeah… not a fan of they some of their behaviour on a corporate level with respect to various issues… corporate bullying, misogynist marketing etc. And I just find their bikes/designs a bit blah as well. But I also like stirring the pot. :) Full disclsoure: I am not a troll

        • Mark

          All good,
          I ride a roubaix I got last year and know what you mean about their behaviour. Which I think got resolved ok, But I just read an article too which I can see why they’re paranoid about brand/reputation hence pouncing on this cafe owner accidentally.
          I love the designs! subtle differences between each of the frames yet similar looking :)

  • Zero Handups

    Paint looks amazing but the pink bartape and cages are too much…

    • Laurens

      Agree, imagine how the frame would look if everything else was black!
      Maybe in eight weeks time we know what it looks like in yellow too ;-)
      (here’s to hoping we won’t)

      • Dave

        And perhaps a gold one a few weeks after that?

    • flx

      Indeed. Either bartape and cages match the paint or you go all black/all white.

  • Andy B

    That paint is pretty special :)

    • ZigaK

      I’m guessing it’s a vinyl wrap.

  • George Darroch

    Looks incredible. Congrats to those who made it happen.

    • Carolejtaylor3

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  • Dodster

    Vincenzo still chossing mechanical

  • philipmcvey

    Astounding; so, not only does Sagan not have the most bling bike in the peloton he doesn’t even have the most bling TARMAC in the peloton.

  • MadBlack

    I bet nobody at specialized was still expecting to reveal this beauty to the public at the start of stage 19. Glad nibbles made it happen afterall.

    • Dave

      Maybe they should have brought it out with a different name sticker for stage 10.

  • mitch_brooklyn

    Did they “borrow” the paint scheme from Festka? They showed a very similar paint at NAHBS a few years ago. It was pretty startling. This just looks like that.

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