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If you’ve been following CyclingTips for a few years you’ll notice that we switch up the homepage every couple of years. This isn’t because I get bored and need to shake things up. It’s to accommodate the amount of content we’re publishing, to make it easier for you to find relevant articles, and to showcase the most beautiful sport on earth the best way we can.

This redesign also attempts to address another rapid change – mobile.

We’ve never designed for mobile first; we’ve always concentrated on big beautiful photos and giving things lots of space to breath. However, content consumption on mobile has increased dramatically in the past couple of years and it’s now the primary device you read the site on. We needed to design the site with that consideration first and foremost.

How to use the new layout

The site is now designed to hold all of our articles in six editorial categories – News & Racing, Women’s Cycling, Tech, Adventure, Learn, and Culture – plus our online CyclingTips Emporium, where we feature some of our favorite brands.

The homepage gives you quick overview of the most recent content in those categories and will change quite quickly. Each of the pages are accessible from the top navigation bar so you can dig deeper. There shouldn’t be any overlap between the various sections and you’ll be able to find the content you’re looking for much more easily. If you prefer to look at things in pure chronological order, the top right “new articles” section (in red) will show you what’s been published recently.

There’s still lots more coming and we’ll roll some refinements out in smaller steps over the coming weeks.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback after you’ve done some exploring. If you see any problems, definitely let us know. We hope you like it!

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