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  • Hadeed

    Please, bring the previous layout back. Thank you!

  • David9482

    The one thing I really miss is when you open the page, the previous version had a great picture that drew you onto the page. That screenwide picture was really captivating, and usually was a very high definition shot of a great landscape. I’m solely a computer based user, so can you make the mobile page different from the main page that the computer users see?

    • We’re still keeping the large feature images, just using them more sparingly so they’re higher impact. check out today’s

      • David9482

        Thanks for listening – those pictures are what bring me to your page versus other cycling websites. Today’s was no different and the entire Roadtripping Byron Bay segment (I clicked on it and went through the entire story) was awesome. These types of bits are what gives me the escape to dream about my next bike ride when I’m stuck indoors.

        Thanks again

        • David9482

          You got rid of the picture! Nooooo…….

  • Michael Sproul

    Sorry but I hate mobile websites, I hate ’em even more when I can’t manually select the desktop version. This site has been jumping into the mobile version inside articles for a while now and it’s infuriating (it’s not really but I’m going there…), I get that some want a mobile version so the text is bigger etc but it kills it for me, the text always ends up too large, images aren’t the same in the articles and I feel like I’m forever scrolling down. An option to manually select the desktop site would be awesome though and I’d send you a massive e-hug. Soz…

  • Dave

    I mostly like it, but a full-width photo at the top is needed!

    • Christinarcook1

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  • Andrew Hilman

    Mobile is great …. but please allow for the giant headline pic on the desktop …. that was awesome and THE main reason I switched from that other “cyclingnews” page ; ]

  • Tobi

    I have been visiting the site several times a day for years now and
    therefore hate to say it: it’s become just another news site (if the
    coolest and best). The new layout just manifests your departure from the
    Beauty of Cycling which cannot be fully appreciated on mobile. Thanks
    for all the nice hours you let me spent daydreaming until now though!

    • Thanks for the candid feedback Tobi and I see where you’re coming from. However, we haven’t changed in the slightest, except that we have more comprehensive race coverage, while keeping everything else the same (or making it better). We have one ‘Roadtripping’ piece coming out nearly every month (have you seen Byron Bay?), lots more tech stuff, lots more video content. That said, the amount of race coverage does dilute the other stuff, thus one more reason for a homepage redesign so that we can separate all this content and make it more discoverable.

      • Spencer Martin

        Wade, congratulations on the new design. I think you guys have done a great job of balancing the growing mobile display demand, your extensive race coverage and the ability to keep evergreen pieces discoverable as you pump out more and more content. Two other English language cycling news sites haven’t made the necessary re-design steps in years, and I think this move has really allowed you guys to consolidate having the most aesthetically pleasing cycling website out there (please never abandon that massive feature image!) with an equally formidable user experience platform.

        • Thanks Spencer! Everything we do is done with our readers in mind and I’m happy to hear your words. There is an extraordinary amount of thought and consideration put behind these decisions and the design and it’s only done to make things better. Glad to see you and others appreciate it.

  • Folks, thanks for the feedback. We’re keeping the massive feature image on each of the articles, but need to drop it on the homepage for many practical reasons.

    • Cameron Harris

      Rococorba Daily?


    • Cameron Harris

      Where’s the beauty of cycling strapline from the masthead gone?

      Is the back of my Secret Pro tshirt out of date now?

      • When you scroll down on the page, the tagline is still there at the top. It’s also in the bottom footer. You’ll still get many more years out of that t-shirt!

  • Turbo

    Congrats on moving forward and giving equal weight to all screens. One thing – can you roll out the new menu style/CSS/theme across all pages soon? The different menu styles, behaviours and positions are killing me, not to mention the liberal range of type styles! But really, well done. Looks like a solid balance between creative and practical UX.

    • Thanks @Turbo. We’re getting to that, but decided not to roll out the entire site all in one go.

      • Turbo

        Wise move. Wise. Move.

  • Tim Ashton

    Initial impression on the new page is pretty good. Like anything new it’ll take a few days getting used to the change. The comments above are pretty standard when something changes, it happens every time Facebook etc change the layout. But change is good. I mean if the Cycling Tips layout never changed, and was the same as 2010, it would look very clunky.

  • Dave

    Great job Cyclingtips and Wade. Running a news website is tough and you guys do a great job. The new look is excellent and I can now browse on my mobile a lot easier which is what I do when looking at CT most of the time. The desktop is also an improvement with navigation and sections easy to use and find. I remember all the negative posts back when Cyclingnews first changed their platform and again, it was for the best but people don’t like change. Good luck for the future and building an even better site.

  • JackTrevorrow

    I love the new layout, and find it so much easier and quicker to navigate and find what I’m looking for. I only get 15mins for smoko and want to get where I want to quickly.

    • Great to hear Jack. I’m glad we were able to make it easier for you!

  • krashdavage

    Sure change is good and we will adapt. But first impressions were… “and so the descent to another cyclingnews begins”. That’s probably harsh but that’s what I felt. I loved the simplicity of your site. I loved NOT having to navigate. It was either a feature or the daily. Now… more ads and more info overload. I’ll suppose I’ll get over it.

    • At the end of the day, our content should stand up for itself. We’re not looking at producing the same type of content as cyclingnews and the homepage is meant as a portal into our content.

      There are exactly as many ads as before BTW!

  • I’m glad the race results are no longer at the top of the page. Many of us watch races and stages after the fact, and I was always getting spoilers with the old layout.

  • Tim Johnson

    I haven’t tried it on mobile yet, just the desktop so far. It’s ok, but I think I preferred the previous version. This looks just like any other news site – there’s nothing distinctive about it. I don’t know if that was the intention, but I liked CyclingTips when it had it’s own unique look and feel in layout, not just in colour, font etc. As others have said the large banner image was a key feature – I think because it really highlighted the beauty of cycling, not just news about cycling.
    One little practical thing – at about midday today (AEST) I logged on to see what had happened in the Giro and read the daily news digest. At first I couldn’t find the daily news digest. It wasn’t until the second or third time I closely checked out the front page I noticed the ability to scroll down in the right hand panel underneath ‘More Features’. Not sure why I missed it – I’ll get it from here on in though.
    I think the new layout will be better when I want to access certain parts of the site, e.g. go looking for tech reviews or Ella articles, as they’re now more clearly delineated. However, in the way I read the site, which has been to at least skim every article you post, I feel that it’s going to make it a bit harder to follow as I can’t just scroll down below the top article to see a decent sized image and blurb of the previous few articles you had posted.

  • Peter

    I like the new layout. And I read you heaps on my phone, so well done!

  • Sean

    Looks fantastic wade, well done to everyone involved!

  • saibotto

    I like the new “proper” responsive layout! Very nice work. If I had one thing I would like to “tweak” it’s on the mobile layout, either remove the fixed site header (position: static) or make it smaller(less hight) when scrolled, takes up a bit too much screen.
    Only nitpicking though, great work!

  • VELOcamp

    Love the “New Articles” tab, as one of the draws to the site previously was that I could make sure that I could read everything and hadn’t missed anything.

    One question – will this number (currently 36) change for the number of articles I haven’t personally read, or for how many articles have been released on a daily basis?

    • We’re working on a feature for options such as this, as well as ‘read later’ and ‘favourites’. Stay tuned.

  • Aussie Bazza

    I’m finding it very cluttered on a desktop PC, I much preferred the look of the old site. I understand the need to change to keep up with mobile devices but it looks less like Cycling Tips now.

    • Marcus J

      I agree with Bazza. I am primarily desktop and one important reason I loved CT was its elegant layout. It felt like a special place. Now it looks like a jumble sale. Why not a mobile app, and keep the desktop version clean and distinctive?

      • Carton

        I’m on the other side of this. Think it got a little better as a desktop site, not sure I enjoy the iPad experience any more. You may say it’s more cluttered, but I like it when good content flows easily into more good content (maybe I’m just a bit urban that way). Different strokes and all that nonsense.
        I do have a couple of hopefully constructive suggestions: would like to click on a section name and be redirected to the section (I know, it’s up top as well, there’s no real need for it, just nice to have), and similarly it would be useful to click on a byline and be redirected to a writers recent articles (that’s probably very niche and likely would take some work, but I’m just putting it out there).
        But mostly I just wanted to say (well write to be overtly literal): great work guys, keep it up.

  • Iain Treloar

    Might be missing it somewhere, but is there a ‘search’ field on the homepage? The only way I can work out how to search is by going into an article, then searching from the top navigation bar.

  • binotto

    So happy to see the full screen “Roadtripping Byron Bay” image on the desktop homepage this morning! I agree with the other comments about big photos of the highest quality as one of the biggest CyclingTips features. The only quibble I have about the organisation of the homepage is about the Daily News. It’s a real synthesis of many of your own news stories as well as those from other sites, and it’s often my first read on CT. But I had to dig for it with the new organisation – clicking on More News +. I think the latest Daily News should be pinned to the homepage in some way. Perhaps the dailies could be a sub-category in News …?

    I promise to wait patiently together with Turbo while you roll the new stylesheets out across the whole site ;¬)

    • The Daily News Digest will always be in the top Feature slot every day, but depending on the time it may be pushed over in the smaller stories within the Homepage Feature box. If you didn’t notice, the Fature box scrolls on the right hand side.

      • Dave

        It’s not immediately apparent that the Feature box scrolls.

        Another couple of minor things
        – the seven links across the top could do with having the whole rectangles as the buttons, not just the text.
        – can US content of little international interest please be grouped into one of the 1/3 width sections?

  • AMK3072

    will geographic filtering be a part of the site?

    I really don’t care who the USA’s best hopes to win the ToC are or that Larry Warbasse is looking forward to the Giro.

    I understand the shift in content and the push into the US market but it would be great if the content could be prioritised based on location. Don’t have much interest in US journeymen pros.

  • Steve S

    The site looks a lot better, I like the new articles count in the top right, and it looks better on mobile.

    The downside (at the moment) is it seems a lot harder to find articles and a lot of really good ones are hidden. For example, I read a couple of articles this lunchtime (one review, one report on cycling on the roads by a female pro) that I wanted to read again tonight, and now I can’t find them. This would have been easy on the old site. Also, looking down the new article list I found an interview with Bradley Wiggins from 2 days ago. I read this site every day and can’t believe I had missed this for two days, but somehow I did.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Like the new design and soooo much better on mobile (even though I mostly read at work… shhh).

    One small request though: could you bring back the “Home” link on the hamburger menu in the top left


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