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  • Pun intended? … “an attempt to gain positive press”

  • jules

    do they re-test samples of athletes who were moved up into the medals as a result of the original medallists testing positive? this could be like Operacion Puerto and go on indefinitely :)

    • Dave

      That could lead to a spanner in the works of Bjarne Riis’ new cycling team.

  • Alister Taylor

    This really is a “sit back and grab the popcorn” moment.

    I’m hoping for some significant testing on 2012, particularly the RR. In all honesty, however, I should be surprised if anything more than a small minority of positive tests unearthed in this one come from cycling. Looking at the number of positives coming out of race walking, etc, I would think a lot will come from there, and the indication of steroid metabolites might point more towards strength athletes.

    Oh, and Budge’s name is spelled with two Ts, not one…

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi Alister, thanks for the correct re Dr Budgett. He said that both steroids and EPO type drugs were indicated in the provisional Beijing findings. No word as to the split between those.

  • Stewie Griffin

    14 of the 31 positives are Russians

    • Andy B

      Russian to find a good lawyer?

  • velocite

    There seems to be a lot of emphasis on B samples when doping issues come up, but why? How often, if ever, does the B result contradict the A result?


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