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  • Chris Brown

    Would be great to see a collection of the best club kits!

    • Beak158

      Unfortunately it might be a short story – but more than happy to be shown I’m mistaken.

      Love what Sydney CC did last year (year before?), but nervous they’re the exception rather than the rule. My club had a kit redesign not so long ago and it possibly wasn’t as well received as maybe expected…

      But hey, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and I have no creative genes in me, so who am I to comment?!

    • glorylasts

      I reckon our MOB kit by Babici is pretty sweet

      • Chris Brown

        Saw a few of those around the northern beaches, it’s a good kit!

      • Nick

        that’s frickn awesome. where do i get it?

        • glorylasts

          Babici is actually making a small run of non branded ones (so no MOB on them) the knicks are pretty special as well

      • Andy Moore


    • Luke Bartlett

      Coburg Cycling Club kit, I might be biased though.

  • Riley

    Nice piece. Well written.

  • Gavin Adkins

    What I’m looking at for my next kit purchase is a complete matching kit (bib, jersey, warmers, socks, cap) of a euro pro-conti team that is *covered* in logos, maybe Androni Giocattoli or something like that, the anti-Rapha. Obscure, sponsor covered replica pro kit is the new black. You heard it here first.

  • Ryder

    I recently had word from VOID that they were aiming to be able to deliver to Aus by the end of May, so hopefully not too far away…

  • Connor

    I think Morvelo did this as a bit of a ‘post ironic’ thing (or not) – regardless, even as someone as unashamedly at the ‘minimalist’ end of things as me, there’s something strangely appealing about this fluro-logo-vomit-board….

    • Needs more logos!

      • slowK

        I was going to buy this. Wife said no. I didn’t.

        • Ada Hayes

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  • Mitchell Thompson

    Some of the best kit I have worn is from Q36.5. Very understated but fantastic design with a great feel. Only problem…Its expensive.

  • Chris Gillespie

    Would be nice to see Arenberg in there http://www.arenberg.co http://instagram.com/ridearenberg

  • Roger A. Moen
  • All very nice, but they are all premium kits with a price to match. For something a bit more budget how about Wiggle’s DHB Blok range. I just got one of the jerseys on special offer and it looks awesome.

    • DHB has really upped their game in the design department and amazing value for the price. I’m a fan.

    • Roger That

      Yep, terrific stuff that’s very affordable. Well-made to boot.

      • I have had one problem with the quality. I have one of the Windslam jerseys for winter, and some of the stitching came away on the cuff slightly. However, 5 minutes with a needle and thread and it is back to normal again.

    • Andy Moore

      Pricepoint on La Passione is not much higher than DHB. Haven’t seen it in real life, but it looks the business on my browser. Which is definitely not to say I am slagging on DHB as a great value.

  • Ma Augner

    ZYCLISM from Hamburg has some great kits, too. Limited to 20 items per design.

  • sjoerdth

    That fluo yellow striped shirt in the photo mosaic on top of the page, which brand is that?

    • amanda

      Team dream team

      • sjoerdth

        Thanks! I’d already found it, shipping to Europe plus tax would make a bit expensive though :-(

  • Michael


    • ArthurG

      not relevant in this bunch mike, glad they are kept out of this mess

  • awesometown

    Great article. It’s nice to see that as the years go by the “anti-good looking kit” crowd seems to fade further and further into the distance. This might be the first instance of this article with entire positive comments.

  • takethattakethat

    Instead of posting a bunch of crap from some unemployed graphic designers using made in china crap, how about you actually give some details about the design and technology behind people actually making innovative products.

    • Andy Moore

      Team Dream Team gear is proudly made of Italian fabric in Los Angeles. Can’t speak to the others on the list.

    • awesometown

      I take back my previous statement. And what sort of horrible mashup of pearl izumi and club team jersey’s do you enjoy riding in?

    • Spider

      Check the Eleven Velo review that they (CT) just did – made in Australia with Australian fabrics. I understand your frustration, it may seem the market is just full of ‘designers’ – but there are manufacturers as well…there are also US based manufacturers in the above list as well. Search & State for example.

      • Keir

        Eleven Velo kit is fantastic

  • cthenn

    Wow…I guess “cool” is in the eye of the beholder! I find most of this stuff in here absolutely hideous, and it doesn’t help when dude is dabbing…

    The slogan for Attaquer should be “flashy kits for tryhards”.

  • cthenn

    Ornot probably has some of the best kits going. Get yourself some color, without being a Mario Cipollini wannabe. Twin Six as well, but you gotta pick and choose their stuff…

  • Lumiere should be on the list! Small collection but beautiful, tasteful kits, and top-notch quality.

  • bigdo

    I have MAAP and Void kits… I like em’… they look great as well…

  • cthenn

    1990’s Mapei called, they want their ideas back.

  • K.A.

    Contour from Poland!

    • Spider

      agreed. Bought one of their jerseys and plenty of socks….fantastic kit and amazing value. The jersey is one of my favorites and cost $100 and uses three types of 3M fabric and a perfect zipper. Impressed

  • Arden

    I think Wade does a great job curating a group of interesting designs fabricated as cycling brands. The term “cool” appeals to a younger generation who like to express their personalities with unique design. These consumers aren’t necessarily harden athletes or seasoned veterans of cycling or racing. Athletes would not wear this kit as it doesn’t represent what competitive cycling is about. Some of these brands are dabbling in NRS to assume credibility in racing, however go to their website and try and find where they exist or even a phone number. Still, they have some nice design. But it’s unfair to attack CT for their continuos quest to bring their readers interesting content, despite their bias to certain brands, mainly based in Melbourne. In conclusion there are different brands for different levels of cyclists. Just look at which athletes are aligned to which brands and you’ll see real credibility. Regardless, good job CT for another year of visual noise.

  • ArthurG

    Looks like making this list could damage the brands mentioned. Ouch!

  • david__g

    What, no Brandt-Sorenson? (lololol etc etc etc…)

  • Sean parker

    See, this is what happens when straight men design clothes.

  • When is the 2017 article coming? ;)


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