Putting ELLA on the MAAP

We’re pleased to announce our first Ella women’s kit collaboration, with Australian brand MAAP.

Women’s cycling is growing. Fast. However, it’s still all too easy to remember the days when the only women’s cycling kit available was the one or two odd sizes you could find hidden in the rack at the back of your local bike shop. They were typically boring and generally pink or purple. If we wanted to wear great looking cycling kit, too often it was a matter of trying to fit into a unisex (read: men’s) jersey, that would hug too tight in all the wrong places and hang in others. Not to mention the troubles of riding on a men’s chamois!

Thankfully, those days are gone and more and more brands are paying close attention to what women actually want.

It’s great to see the Melbourne-based brand, MAAP leading the charge in this space with a great new women’s range. Our first men’s collaboration kit, the Échappée Kit, was designed by MAAP and so it was a natural step for us to partner with them for our first women’s kit collaboration as well.

The design of this kit is important to us because it’s what draws you in and it’s what gets you excited about wearing the kit. We knew that if we gave MAAP a starting idea they would be able to take it, run with it and produce something we love. Which they have. The design is eye catching, flattering and simply, fun. Equally important is the quality, fit and comfort of the kit. With MAAP’s already proven quality and their new women’s chamois, we think this will be your next favourite kit you’ll want to wear ride after ride.

Fresh off a plane from Italy, we caught up with Ollie and Jarrad, co-founders of MAAP, to chat about the brand, and of course, to check out our collaboration:

You may have seen our call-out for inspiring women to be part of our ambassador program to help get more women on bikes so they fall in love with the sport just like we have (more on this program next week). We knew we needed a kit for these women that was striking, that they would love to wear and was recognisable on the road. MAAP kept this in mind when developing the design and to say we’re happy with the result is an understatement.

And the kit isn’t just for our ambassadors, it’s for all women! We’d love to see as many women as possible wearing the Ella X MAAP kit and inspiring other women to ride and enjoy the sport as much as we do. Each kit sold helps us better do what we do and keep spreading the voice of all the great women on bikes.