Caffeinated shampoo, heaps of laundry and How I Met Your Mother: A day in the life of pro cyclist Carlee Taylor

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Bravely agreeing to be our guinea pig for a new “Day in the Life of…” Twitter takeover series, pro cyclist Carlee Taylor (Liv-Plantur) took over our Twitter feed for a day to live tweet everything she did on June 2nd.

Carlee is an Australian pro cyclist currently racing for the Dutch-registered squad Liv-Plantur. She’s a hill climb specialist, BFFs with Ella columnist Loren Rowney and an avid and highly entertaining social media user.

We created the Twitter Takeover series as a way to provide you all with unique insights into the daily lives of pro cyclists, and to answers the questions of “what do they eat?”, “How do they train?” and “what do they do all day”.

Recapping Carlee’s day on Twitter, here are some highlights:

Rise and Shine: 7:50 a.m. Carlee starts her day

Today’s training schedule:

– Ride, sprint training and power testing

– The test results. How do you compare?

Unique insights:

– Starts the day logging metric — before coffee even!

– Shampoo with caffeine? Whaaaaa! #caffeinedoping

Pros are just like us:

– They brush their teeth:

-They enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals:

Dinner consisted of soup, veggies and meat stirfry, and banana pudding.

– They wash their own laundry

– They watch “How I Met Your Mother”

Bedtime: 10:56 p.m.

Follow @ellacyclingtips and the hashtag #prolife to see Carlee’s full day, and stay tuned for more Twitter takeovers. Up next is Loren Rowney (Orica-AIS) on June 8th.

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