A day in the life of pro cyclist Loren Rowney: Moto pacing, studying and Ronda Rousey

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Last week, Aussie pro cyclist Carlee Taylor (Liv-Plantur) agreed to be the first in our “Day in the Life of…” Twitter takeover series, and entertained us for a good 15 hours by live tweeting her entire day.

This week, Carlee’s BFF and Ella contributor Loren Rowney (Orica-AIS) was up for the task and live-tweeted her “average day” of training and living in Italy.

We created this Twitter Takeover series as a way to provide you all with unique insights into the daily lives of pro cyclists, and to answers the questions of “what do they eat?”, “How do they train?” and “what do they do all day”.

Recapping Loren’s day on Twitter, here are some highlights:

Rise and Shine: Loren enjoyed a sleep in, getting up at 8 a.m.

But first, coffee:

Family time:

Time zones can be tricky to deal with but Loren make it a priority to Skype with her family, first thing in the morning!

Today’s training schedule: 3.5 hours of moto pacing –oof!

– And when you look like this afterwards:

– You’re gonna need this:

No rest for the wicked

– The 3.5 hour training session was followed by studying.

– and more training:

What we learned about Loren:

– She’s a tree hugger.

– Her choice of workout music is…the Vengaboys? So 90s

– She loves Ronda Rousey

– She’s a foodie and her eating habits are pretty normal

“I eat until I’m ‘comfortably’ full and satisfied :-)” she tweeted. On this day it included Bircher muesli for brekky, a post-ride smoothie + lunch, snacks (yogurt/fruit/crackers W peanut butter) in the afternoon and then dinner and a treat.


Thank you all for tuning in and a big thank you to Loren for sharing her day with us!

Follow @ellacyclingtips and the hashtag #dayinthelife to see Loren’s full day, and stay tuned for more Twitter takeovers.

Up next is Italian rider Valentina Scandolara (Cylance) on June 22th.

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