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  • Sean

    Interesting language. TVG seems to know richie is the plan B.

    • Dave

      For sure.

      TJVG and Richie will drop down to plan B and C respectively next year if BMC can get a proper GC leader. They are rumoured to be chasing Steven Kruijswijk, and it will help their case to have some good domestiques in place (what he was lacking from LottoNL at the Giro this year) who are already contracted for next year.

      • Sean

        Kruijswijk really impressed me over the last 12 months, he’d be a TDF contender if he was on a decent team.

  • Tyron Anton

    Gee, this American takeover of CyclingTips content is soooooooooooo interesting. (read: sarcastic).
    Another Australian publications sells out. Great.

  • Ringo

    Can you recommend another cycling website where I can read about Australian bike riders?

    • Trudiejjones1


    • Dave

      Try cyclingnews.com – they did a great job of scooping CT last night on Orica-AIS signing Jessica Allen and Jenelle Crooks.

      • Scooped? You guys are smart enough to know that in order to get everything, you’ll need to go to various places to get it all. And if you don’t like something, keep scrolling.

  • Carton

    Come on, it’s one article. I read it mostly for some insight into the BMC/Cannondale/Trek leadership situation, you can skim over it or just not click on it -there’s plenty of Aussie coverage as well, The Australian-at-the-Tour spiel is likely being edited at this very moment.

    In any case I love how Tejay referenced Quintana/Valverde as a win for the team as opposed to Wiggins/Froome. I’d think for all the polemica the team would be better off with riders in the top two rungs of the podium instead of the bottom two, hurt feelings be damned.


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