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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Nitro

    I drive a 10 year old Diesel powered Land Rover if anyone’s interested in doing a “Cars of the bunch” feature article on it.
    Both doors dented (

    • claude cat


  • jules

    call me a purist but if that is, or rather was, a genuine Charger, then I shall quietly shed a few tears into my coffee.

    • santiagobenites

      Let the tears begin.

    • I think this reflects Sagan’s personality very well. He isn’t overly precious with cycling history and traditions, and likewise with all the modern trimmings with this Charger. I wonder what Wiggins drives?

      • jules

        probably an old Aston Martin in stock condition!

        I admire Sagan a lot and that car would be a great toy. I just remembered they don’t have original/non-original Chargers in the US. unlike in Australia, a Charger is just a Charger – rather than a taxi with spoiler bits bolted on. so I’ll let this pass.. ;)

      • Michael Sproul

        RS6, “lovely” cream interior IIRC.

      • Dude pedalling

        a documentary on him going into the 2012 tour shows 2 bmw’s in the driveway of his awesome country house – 5 series and X5. #lecolonel

    • Matt DeMaere

      Bah, you get a straight body you should do what you want if you’re going to drive it. There will always be mint stock cars gathering dust in private collections.

    • The Rabbit

      The article mentions that it was cured of rust and rot… sounds like the original article was nothing to shed a tear over!

      • jules

        beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, but I reckon for most people the novelty of that massive blower out of the bonnet and other OTT stuff would wear off quickly.

        • Im sure he isn’t riding it to work each day. :-)

    • Mark Fletcher

      Condolences, Jules.
      My local servo has 3 originals out the back

  • alexroseinnes

    death trap

  • disqus_3ngkDP46DW

    Not sure PS thought this one through- how will he ride up the bonnet onto the roof racks with that blower there?

  • RayG


    • jules

      for what? :)

      it is a sweet ride. I just wouldn’t do it to an original model

  • MadBlack

    Great read. I honestly thought this was going to be another one of these out of place pieces on this site of late but honestly kudos to you Shane!

    On as side note: I’d be willing to bet that Sagan won’t even make the top ten in the MTB Olympics race. As much as I like the guy but this is simply out of reach given the top MTB guys train specifically for the sport these days and you require a lot more than just the engine. Also starting position is probably the single most influential factor on finishing position in any pro-XCO race these days.

    • ZigaK

      Re starting position: The olympic race has far less starters, 50 compared to the usual world cup field of 130. And a couple of them, let’s say 10, are there on the olympic principles (). Combine that with the explosive nature of Sagan and I am sure he will be in top ten position on the end of the start loop. Don’t get me wrong, I also have doubts if he will make top ten in the end, but the starting position won’t hinder him much.

  • Michael_Fink

    According to Victoria Police that’s not a Charger, it’s a Polo

  • George Darroch

    I hope for his wife’s sake his car handling skills are as good as his on the bike.

  • Matt DeMaere

    Love all the R/Ts. That’s a pretty sinister looking machine, hope Petr takes some baby-steps with what HotRod is quoting is a 1000hp engine.

  • Avuncular

    CT have jumped the shark.

    • Would you prefer us stick to race reports and ‘Sagan feels good before Flanders’ headlines?

      • treb’

        Yes, Sagan’s Life is not exactly part of my hobby, bicycle is !

        • MMaster

          Absolutely NO ONE forces you to read any given article…
          You have free choice in this matter.
          If you don’t like the topic or content, move on…
          Whether or not you deem the topic worthy in your eyes has zero bearing on my enjoyment of the article.
          Ultimately, clicks will determine whether future articles of this nature appear…I for one, find them fine and a breath of fresh air.

          • treb’

            So it’s worth mentionning you enjoyed this topic, but you can’t stand that i have a different opinion and express it.

            • We always value the opinions of our readers @treb’ however there won’t be a single article we publish that will be unanimously loved. We put a lot of hard work into bringing this site to you for free and are always trying to think of new angles and stories that our readers haven’t seen before. If we want to keep innovating and moving forward, we’ll unashamedly keep doing this. It’s by no means ‘jumping the shark’.

              • Ragtag

                Yes, I for one really enjoyed the article. This kind of occasional article keeps the site fresh and very much why Cycling Tips is better than the others.

            • MMaster

              yup…guess so

      • Ronin

        Pay no attention to these kill joys. Sagan is fun. This article is fun. And there ain’t nothing wrong with fun.

      • Ian Symonds

        do not feed the troll

  • Crompensation

    Rule #25 // The bikes on top of your car should be worth more than the car

    • Robert Merkel

      This rule is violated left right and centre at out local crit. Who knew you could get roof racks for an AMG C63?

      • Dave

        Cycling is the new golf.

  • treb’

    OK, this piece of news is not a joke ! I was just wondering…

  • Robert Merkel

    If you’re 25 and rich as hell, why not?

  • Dr. Seltsam

    Good lord, this thing looks … special. That’s what Tinkoff-money buys you, I guess.

  • Valiant Abello

    Great post. The first thing that sticks out is that Sagan went to a respected, well known (to legit car guys) yet not flashy builder for his car. The car itself is not to my taste but it is gorgeous nonetheless. It made the pages of Hot Rod which should tell you something
    I love posts like these. Thank you CT!

  • Frank Kotter

    Nothing about the car’s sensations?

    • Dave

      If it’s anything like almost every single bike review CT does, they’ll say it feels good, stiff but compliant in the right places, corners like its on rails and is a quality build.

      • DangerDirte

        That’s uncalled for. Most bike reviews are the same, but I enjoy the CT ones for a little more honesty. The reality is that most bikes are so good that how can their reviews possibly vary much more than the subtle nuances that might boil down to different rider shapes and which shapes these bikes are designed for.

      • Thanks for going out of your way to say that Dave.

  • Berne Shaw

    I will trade him for my 2002 VW Passat. Even deal no? Boys and our toys LOL love it.

  • bigdo

    He totally seems like the kind of cat that would drive that car… Personality matches it to a tee… Surprised though that being European he went for American muscle, rather than say, a Ferrari or Lamborghini or some such…

  • karl von bahnhof

    This feature lacks some more answers. Where will Peter drive his new car? It is not street legal for Europe. Not even Monaco.

    • It was air shipped to Europe, so for Sagan’s sake I certainly hope he’s able to drive it somewhere there.

  • 900Aero

    Impressive project but that car resembles the General Lee in the same way that I resemble Peter Sagan. Very, very distantly……

  • OverIt

    I used to be “into cars” when i was younger too, and a part of me still see’s the appeal, (and I still cling to a material object/project in the garage that hasn’t been started for many years). But after “growing up” (a bit), realized that the earth cant really afford to have humans pursuing these kinds of interests any longer…. I’d hate to think of the carbon footprint of a pro-cyclist, even though he is riding a bike for a living. But then it’s the same for all international sports/industries…. and even my mail orders for bike parts from overseas.

    I know I’m a misery guts at times on this forum. But these sorts of things along with my hypocritical battle of self do weigh on my mind. Only thing I can be proud of is that I rode to work in the rain today, rather than drive a car.

  • Stevep51

    As a MOPAR fan (67 Dart) I loved this article. I wish I had the money to have a shop build my Mopar to my own specs, but more power to Sagan for selecting the Charger. I would have liked more data on the build. I assume it’s a 440, I would have preferred a 426 Hemi in the beast but she is still very sweet. Arnold is also one of my idols, I actually have a few pictures with him. Thanks for the insightful article, there is life beyond cycling.

  • binotto

    I’d do something more like this if you absolutely had to have a blown Hemi: https://youtu.be/5OvtxdLDYos
    But I agree, Sagan’s build is more brash and really suits him.

  • Laurens

    I can’t wait for an article about, say, solar panels just because it is a cyclist who owns them ;-)


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017