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  • thomasrdotorg

    As I have already noted on the Daily News post, the haste of some cycling news sites to “report” in this situation was nothing short of a disgrace. Not only were the early reports false, but many cycling news sites posted before his immediate family knew anything.
    Ponder that for a moment.
    There are clear guidelines around the reporting of these sorts of incidents, but the idiotic race to be first has caused Keagan’s family, friends and team mates a high degree of grief and distress.
    And I hope it is a lesson to the wider cycling community (and pro pelo) to perhaps wait until there is a statement from family regarding an incident before retweeting hearsay.
    Thanks again CT for actually researching and reporting the facts.

    • Thanks for the acknowledgement Tom. I could go off on a rant about this topic, but I’ll bite my tongue here. I just hope Keagan recovers and gets healthy soon.

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