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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Feral

    It appears that Gerry Ryan’s tentacles/philanthropy (depending on your perspective) stretch far and wide. Apart from disclaimers, what other editorial policies have you put in place to ensure an impartial coverage of the sport?

    • I’d be interested to hear what you expect. We’ve had 7 months to show how this merger will affect us and from my perspective it’s been positive for the readers. It hasn’t changed how we cover GreenEdge and BikeExchange has been a sponsor in some capacity for years and since we merged with them. Nothing’s changed there.

      • Dave

        It’s not enough to just cover the sport fairly, you need to be seen to be covering the sport fairly. BikeExchange shifting from minor sponsor to major sponsor will make it appear more incestuous to outsiders looking in, even if there is no actual change to the relationship.

        Specifically publishing an editorial policy (currently the link with that label goes to privacy T’s & C’s) and getting it out in the open would help reassure people that all is well.

        A good minor change to reassure people of the disinterested coverage would be to have no further in-house articles about the team and riders. Get them from non-staff contributors (e.g. freelance writers like Sophie Smith) or other disinterested publications, while your in-house team would be available to write on all the other teams and other aspects of the sport.

        I’d love to trade your next Greenedge article for a good feature on Ag2r, they’ve been one of the most respectable teams in the peloton for years but never get the coverage they deserve because they don’t have ‘infamous’ connections (e.g. a bombastic Russian oligarch, an Australian businessman, a global media empire) and don’t make a nuisance of themselves in other ways.

        • Feral

          Spot on Dave.

        • Sean

          Well put dave.

        • Nick Squillari

          English is actually one of the biggest barriers when it comes to teams like AG2R and getting interviews done with them (assuming interviews are sought out with ‘infamy’ as one of the valued prerequisites).

        • Mad Panda

          Entirely disagree. No one is obliged to report in an impartial manner. Gerry Ryan isn’t required to explain his involvement or busniess dealings. Don’t like what you read? Stop reading it. Don’t like a millionaire being involved with a sport? Outbid him then! Or not, as you wish. But to propose there is some idealistic requirement for impartiality, some need for “reassurance that all is well”… Us readers aren’t owed that. No promises or reassurances need be made. It ain’t a democracy!

    • Dude pedalling

      Feral please don’t get too feral

    • Rob

      Honestly, who cares. If you start to not like the articles on here (or their intent)…go visit another website.

      We don’t own or directly bankroll CT so I don’t think it’s reasonable to make demands of Wade.

      I’m sure he will keep the website going in the same direction as it has been. Which is fine by me.

      • Thanks for that Rob. I do appreciate the sentiment however I would like to say that everyone at CT takes our relationship and trust with you, our readers as the single most important thing we have. You come here voluntarily, you engage with us, you treat us with respect (well, most of you!), you give us your attention, etc. This exchange alone allows us to sell advertising to keep this whole thing going. And it’s the best job in the world.

      • velocite

        In the past I’ve been disappointed that there hasn’t been more coverage of what’s going on with OGE: it’s my ‘home’ team, and it somehow has seemed unfortunate when I must go to Cycling News for, um, news on OGE. I don’t get the concern about bias. Must be ‘seen to be fair’? A bit legalistic for me.

        • The OGE (now OBE) Backstage Pass does such an incredible job at showcasing what’s going on with the team that they leave us very little. Other sites do a lot of re-hashing of press releases and quotes form Backstage Pass, which we don’t feel the need to spend time doing. That’s not to say it isn’t valuable, but it’s not something we have the time to focus on.

          • velocite

            I agree with you about the Backstage Pass. But could you not exploit your special relationship by drilling down into what looks like the Gerrans/Matthews team management issue, for example? And Chaves’ Mum hugging Nibali after he’d beaten Esteban into second place – that ranks with Boonen’s pleasure in Hayman’s PR victory as a high water mark in generosity of spirit in sport. I get more news than I want about AFL players in the ABC news – but I want more about OGE. No biggie, and the focus of the site is entirely up to you. Me, I could do with less adoring detail about the new Dura-Ace. Now SRAM, that’s different!

      • Dude pedalling

        Well said

    • winkybiker

      Why in earth are you owed an “impartial coverage of the sport” on a free-to-view site? Wade and CT have zero obligation, but I believe they make effort to ensure transparency. Stop imagining some conspiracy. CT remains an excellent site.

      • Dude pedalling

        That’s right @winkybiker:disqus . As if a reader gets the right to define what is posted and who writes it. If it doesn’t agree with you, don’t visit that site. Or, why not go and create your own site!

      • jules

        I really respect CT and what it stands for. I’ve met some of the crew and chatted about some of this stuff. I love their outlook and philosophy. There is no such thing as 100% independence and impartiality in our world – anywhere. But I believe they are doing a great job striving for it and the popularity of the site reflects that people can see that and the quality journalism that results.

  • Dude pedalling

    Can someone explain why the team retained Green Edge in its name previously – being called ‘Orica – Green Edge’ ? Was this because Orica’s investment wasn’t sufficient for it to have sole naming rights and so be called ‘Orica cycling team’? It seems that ‘Green Edge’ doesn’t stand for anything or mean anything.

    • Pretty sure it’s because their kit has green trimming.

    • Dave

      Correct. Orica did not put in enough to buy both naming rights slots.

      GreenEdge was retained because Orica-YourNameCouldGoHere would have been a bit too obvious.

      A few years back, Slipstream put their own name in the second naming rights spot for a while when they didn’t have a sponsor for it.

    • lefthandside

      Greenedge = “your name here” (and green trimming as inopinatus rightly points out ;))

  • lefthandside

    Surely the biggest question is whether there willbe any green left in the kit? I hope CT doesn’t pull any punches on this issue

    • lefthandside

      Also – with the bikeexchange logo on the kit, you know we’re only a few few red strokes away from having a CT logo in the worldtour. Make it happen

      • Dave

        Probably best for CT’s editorial independence that they attempt to keep some sort of separation.

        • lefthandside

          (clearly joking)

        • Rob

          Do you need more tinfoil for your hat?

        • Matt


    • Turbo

      Highly likely. I just hope they match the bloody greens properly. I can’t handle the new bikes and the different green on the kit.

  • DaGoose

    So now they’ll be OBE? (Order of British Empire). It would be funny if Yates bros stayed long enough and were successful enough to receive an OBE whilst riding for OBE. Oh puntastic. I wonder if (yes I could probably do a 30 second search but there are probably more informed individuals here) if BikeExchange is rolling out internationally? This would be a great platform to kickstart it if so.

    • Dave

      The UCI three letter code will stay as it is at least for the rest of the season.

      Sponsorship from the Mexican airline Aeromexico could have been even better, then it could be OAM.

    • Matt

      The Yates don’t ride for Sky so I don’t think there is much danger in them getting OBE’s.

  • Dave

    Men’s team only?

    • The women’s team already has co-naming sponsors (Orica -AIS)

  • Velt

    Orica-bikeexchange is really annoying to say

    • OBE

      • Sean

        Good to see you’ve already workshopped that wade :-)

      • Andy B

        one kenobi?

        • sps12321

          if were “p/b One cycling” could be OB1

          • Superpilot

            Thought only the American pro teams had that obsession with p/b :) For some reason I always think of peanut butter. Jelly Belly p/b sandwich!

            • Dave

              Last year had MTN-Qhubeka powered by Samsung. It was usually ignored though.

              A few years ago there was a UK continental team (can’t remember which one) that wanted three naming rights sponsors, so they created a shell company which combined two of the sponsor names and had that shell company sponsor the team.

      • Ragtag

        “Order of the British Empire” (OBE) chuckle chuckle chuckle :)

      • Nick


  • Rob

    Wonder if they will sell the old team bikes and gear on BE? Good opportunity

    • geoff.tewierik

      They could take tips from Team GB and seller Will’s Wheels in that regards.

    • Turbo

      Not likely at this stage of the year. You buy an old Katusha Canyon right now though if you’re keen!

      • Trudiejjones1


  • Mark

    I bet the people who have the OGE vinyl wrapped Holden Combo down at TDU each year are kicking themselves! Great news for OGE and BE. No whining about impartial news and stories from me. Exciting times for CT no doubt.

  • Jaybo

    the “news supported by Giant” logo at the top of the page – is that just a general unrelated thing for cyclingtips? or specific to this article? (ie are we going to see OBE on giants and ditching the scotts?)

    • Giant is a sponsor of our articles in all ‘news’ categories, so it’s just that – no relationship for OBE or anything like that.

  • alexroseinnes

    Interesting dogfooding exercise: I didn’t realise that Gerry Ryan was an investor in BE.

  • Neil

    I can’t help but feel this isn’t as big a deal as I hoped. I kind of feel like this was built up to be a huge announcement, instead, the new sponsor is…. Gerry Ryan. Hope they can attract some corporate support outside of Gerry to replace Orica.

    • Dave

      You’re 100% right.

      Did you expect anyone else to put their name alongside pro cycling’s dirtiest sponsor other than the team owner who already accepts it? Perhaps BP or Monsanto?

      It’s an interesting gamble, and interesting timing to make the move just after Orica confirmed they will be concluding at the end of 2017. It could help drum up a little bit more attention, but it could also discourage investment by making it appear like the team has things sewn up and isn’t looking any more.

      • Neil

        Understand what you’re getting at, but for me you’ve overreached there a bit.
        Russian Oligarchs, Kazakh industry and Bahraini Princes aren’t exactly renowned for corporate ethics.
        I think any serious investor will do a bit more due diligence than you’ve perhaps given credit for. The question is what do they need to do to get a big corporate on board?

  • Abdu

    Apart from the conspiracy theorists jumping at shadows here, I would like to ask if they intend to improve the kit? Never liked it…

    PS. Gerry R has been around a long time doing all this stuff, so was that a typo with your saying he has “tentacles” in this? He’s always put something else on the line.

    • There were lots of iterations of a new kit design, but it came down to a couple things that seriously limited it:

      1. A change in the middle of the season meant that everything from bike color to helmets needed to be changed. Very difficult.
      2. Getting all sponsors to buy in to a new kit design in the middle of the season. Not feasible in the amount of time given.

  • Wily_Quixote

    Just noticed the banner ad for coffee cups. thank you for appearing to tacitly support the precedent of doping in cycling. Nice work Cycling tips.

    No one reads this quote and assumes it is about caffeine:

    ‘On the other hand, there is Anquetil’s famous remark that you don’t ride the Tour de France “on mineral water alone” and his tacit admission of the use of amphetamine, as in a story told by French journalist Pierre Chany. According to Chany, Anquetil and 1958 Giro d’Italia winner Ercole Baldini agreed not to use amphetamine for the Grand Prix de Forli one year, to see who would win on “just mineral water”. They took the top two places, “but suffered like the damned to get an average speed that was a kilometre and a half slower than they would normally have ridden. ‘Never again!’ they told me as they got off their bikes,” wrote Chany (quoted by Les Woodland in The Yellow Jersey Companion to the Tour
    de France).’



    ‘lso at this time, one of the men to have won the Tour five times, Jacques Anquetil, was in his prime. Anquetil reportedly perfected the use of “the Anquetil cocktail” comprising a painkiller, morphine or palfium, injected directly into painful muscles even whilst cycling; an amphetamine to offset the somnolent effect of morphine; and a sleeping tablet, Gardenal, to allow sleep when the stimulatory effects of the amphetamines were still active. Anquetil’s recorded comment is that:

    “You would have to be an imbecile or a crook to imagine that a professional cyclist who races for 235 days a year can hold the pace without stimulants”

    Anquetil also reportedly stated:

    “For 50 years bike racers have been taking stimulants. Obviously we can do without them in a race, but then we will pedal
    15 miles an hour (instead of 25). Since we are constantly asked to go faster and to make even greater efforts, we are obliged to take


    • It’s a far reach @wily_quixote:disqus. We’re poking a bit of fun at the parallels of our coffee addiction with the substance abuse of that era. Don’t take it so seriously.

      • jules

        I bought one of these cups thinking it was innocent fun too, now I’m up to 4 ampules of EPO a day.

  • well said


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017