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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Neil

    Beautiful bike. Great disclosure as well…

  • Legstrong

    Ok… What sort of black magic involved here in making that bike stood up on its own?

    Beautiful bike!

    Will it race?

    • Sean

      It’s a baum bro, nough said.

    • It did on Saturday, with a podium to boot.

      • Spider

        great to hear and congratulations. What is your opinion of the 303 rims, what made you choose them?

  • Anthony

    Brilliant write-up. With all the shite news in the world these days, it’s nice just to read and view a beautifully built bicycle for such a deserving rider. Cheers.

  • Lach


    • Spider


  • Sam

    An amazing bike, such a work of art. Regarding the rear brake cable (on Ti, alu, steel frames), is there a practical reason why they rarely run it through the top tube?

    • Marcus

      My cables are all internal on my Ti frame (Wittson Supressio). I can’t think why you wouldn’t.

      • RooBay

        Agree on this. I bought a Firefly last year and was seriously considering a Baum. The four things that skewed my decision were:
        (1) Firefly do internal rear brake cabling which only Firefly would offer. I wanted to have Dura Ace Di2 and firefly also include a port for the Di2 cable right next to the entry for the rear brake cable on the top tube, allowing a very clean set-up where you run the Di2 cable from the bars along the whole length of the brake cable (with some black heat shrink it looks like one cable) to avoid that ugly meandering Di2 cable to a port in the down tube. Very clean. This is also possible because FF offer an oversized head tube option which allows enough room so you can run the Di2 cable into the top tube (Baum don’t offer this). In addition, I have the junction box located inside my stem with a retro-fitted cable allowing me to charge the battery through the levers. Aesthetically, this set-up is just as clean as SRAM etap. If integration of electronic groupsets is your thing, Baum is behind the 8-ball here. This may sound minor but in my opinion, if you are spending this much on your bike, you want it to look perfect (in addition to its ride performance).
        (2) Price. Baum much much more expensive.
        (3) I liked the naked Ti with an details that FF do so well.
        (4) I have a soft spot for Boston (where FF are made).
        From a couple of conversations with Baum, they are very much “their way or the highway” type builders in respect of certain matters which I didn’t like.
        My (highly personal) two cents.
        Nothing should take away from the fact that this is a stunning bike and Baum are an amazing brand.

    • Legstrong

      New Cannondale CAAD framesets have internal cabling. It’s down to manufacturers’ design plan. Drilling holes and brazing the the cable stoppers mean mean more cost. Although, Baum is a low volume manufacturer, which doesn’t increase the cost too much.

  • Chris


  • OverIt

    WOW !! Paint finish is amazing!! Only thing not to my taste is the painted stem. (but that’s my issue alone). Love the random inlcusion of a bell.

    • Wily_Quixote

      You’re not alone; the stem is bulbous and jarring – unbalances what is an otherwise killer aesthetic. But anyway t’s quite a wonderful looking bike.

      • Spider

        But Willy…it’s a spurcycle bell….so the joy it gives when using it far outweighs any aesthetic issues. Spur cycle bell guys use their bells when in the middle of nowhere just for the fun of it!

        • Wily_Quixote

          I’m happy with the bell: it’s a brilliant, classy but daggy nod to pragmatism. It’s the big orange stem mixed with the skinny steel tubes….. What were they thinking? It shows how sublime can be converted into the vulgar in one small step.

          • Tyler Shannon

            Orange? It’s definitely the same red as the frame.

        • krashdavage

          You own one don’t you?

          • Spider

            Good mate of mine bought it for me…i keep mine on the desk and ring it when I need an injection of happiness! It must be working – I looked at the stem and was able to still function for the rest of the day unaltered by the sadness and anger felt by others!

            • krashdavage

              It’s nowhere near as loud as the deep bellow of my mate the BFG!

      • winkybiker

        Agree. The stem should pick up the Ti colour of the seat stays and fork tips for aesthetic balance. The red should at lest be broken up by some black. Being quite picky here. Nice bike. Very nice bike. (eTap would never be my component choice, though)

  • De Mac


  • Rob

    Same Nate King of KOM HUNTER camo kit fame?
    Beautiful bike!!

    • Tyler Shannon


  • P3N54

    What’s up with the Dura Ace skewers? Beautiful build overall though.

    • bleui

      it’s a high-end bike, might as well use the best skewer out there

      • flx

        So what’s up with the Dura Ace skewers?

        • They work – my skewer of choice, after early-90s Campy.

        • krashdavage

          From a Fairwheel Bikes review:
          “The 9000 skewer is big, heavy and expensive, but it works like nothing else. At up to 5

          times the weight of all the other skewers in the review this one seems a bit out of place. It’s here to show

          differences from mainstream to more unique brands. Shimano does not design skewers to be light, they design them to

          be functional. With that in mind it’s a total success. It’s handle is the easiest of all on the hand making it the

          most comfortable to use. Clamping strength on the Dura Ace skewer is
          unmatched by virtually any traditional quick release in the
          market, which is why even trials riders choose them to hold their wheels
          in place. If weight, price and aesthetics are of no

          concern and the only thing that matters is performance this is a good choice.”

          • Il_falcone

            Agreed. I like them too. But the actual QRs by Campy are still creating more clamping force – second to no other QR on the market including the hilarious DT RWS – as one can easily test with a hub which bearing adjustment is a little loose. And they also look better IMHO.

  • Alex M

    Sweet mother of Jesus!

  • Ajh

    Here’s a Lotus inspired Baum from 2013: http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/latestnews/readers-rigs-2/#.V24XVFfwyi4 Im not sure which one I like the best

    • Coach

      Yes, I prefer the splash of gold which was integral to the “Gold Leaf Tobacco” sponsorship colours. That bike also appeared here.


      Disclosure: As the owner I’m still in love after three years. The bike in this article is also a stunner. ;)

  • Janusz Gajos

    Another gorgeous steel bike with a completely mismatched bulbous Enve stem… Are people blind?

    • The Rabbit

      Titanium. Your attention to detail is sublime!

      • Janusz Gajos

        I must have been blinded myself by the full screen view of that fat ugly stem ;-)


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017