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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Nick

    I feel like every time I read about Bouhanni winning a race or contesting a sprint there is always questionable tactics involved. Can’t the guy just try and win fairly? That’s what Ali would have done…

    • ghostquikill

      Yeah fight fairly like that time when his trainer cut his glove against some englishman or when he’s trashtalking his opponents so much that their kids get bullied at school and his said opponents never forgive them.

    • Laurens

      Unfortunately the ASO rulebook clearly states that in order to win a sprint you either have to follow the rules or be French

      • Jane Roberts

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      • Dave

        Or Simon Gerrans.

  • aradilon

    He doesn’t belong on the road or on a bicycle, if he really likes boxing so much he should get in the ring, not on the streets! Such a bad example, and i’m saying this because it isn’t the first time this happened with him, 90% of his sprints he endangers other riders! And if this had happened with a rider that isn’t French he would have been disqualified!

  • Mathew Whitson

    Good to see a good old school bunch sprint with some fighting for the wheel head butts and shoulders cycling has gotten way to soft. Reminded me of the Kelly, Vanderarden sprints of the 80’s.

  • ghostquikill

    Horrible journalism, only frenchbashing as usual, disgusting.
    You forgot to mention the fact that the cofidis train was in perfect position with 1.2 km to go but then the katusha train rammed into them, Laporte only riposted after the Guarnieri guy pushed and headbutted him like 4 times and the fight between Bouhanni and Kristoff was only logical because Bouhanni was in fact on a katusha wheel and KRISTOFF PUSHED HIM OUT OF THE WAY (just look at 1 fucking video), bouhanni only reacted in defense and used every pounds of his body but kristoff was just more powerful and pushed him away.
    You just have to see the result to see who was the most agressive, because in the final there was no cofidis rider left except bouhanni.
    Only fucking idiots would believe that the cofidis team was at the wrong here, that’s why even the katusha didn’t complain at the end.
    Learn to use your eye people.

    • Samuel Clemens

      To be fair though, where Bouhanni is concerned, there is so much to bash. Thoroughly unlikeable fellow, he is.

  • pedr09

    Looked like a tough but clean sprint by all concerned to me. Don’t know what the fuss is all about.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Wow,,, I hope that one of the Katusha or Cofidis lads was carrying a Velon camera!

    Sprinting is a dangerous game. Headbutts and shoulder shoves only make it *look* more physical. The way Bouhanni easily accelerated onto Bennett’s wheel and then smoothly went past makes it clear who was the strongest on the day.

  • Laurens

    Oh how Boohoohanni would have whined if he lost to someone in that way! Can that tosser please retire?

  • Andy B

    Im not a fan of the guy.. but this win impressed me
    he was getting shut out by Katusha and didn’t give up
    definitely has the mentality to be a sprinter

    • Shane Ingram

      I really like his grittiness. He doesn’t give up easily. Like in all sports, competitors will push boundaries to win. Its for the judges to interpret where the boundaries are.


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017