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  • Been great watching Cameron Meyer, whatever the reason we wish him all the best in the future.

  • Dave

    Personal issues = voluntary provisional suspension?

    • philipmcvey

      I hope you’re wrong. He always seemed very straight to me. Not that that means anything.

      • Dave

        I hope so too, but a rider leaving a team mid-season with no notice and no explanation is quite extraordinary and deserves to be treated sceptically in this day and age, even if it’s not an Italian rider.

        • Nathan

          Really? “Deserves to be treated sceptically”? There are a thousand reasons for this to happen and you pick on drugs with no hint of a reason? That’s a disturbingly negative mindset.

        • philipmcvey

          I don’t think he ‘deserves’ to be treated sceptically, but the reality is that the atmosphere of suspicion around professional cycling over the last two decades means it’s not unfair to suggest it, even for a guy who never had suspicion around him. It’s not his fault or ours that the sport has painted itself in to this corner… and I’m sure when he released the statement he knew the inference would be drawn. In any other profession you’d say that ‘personal issues’ could be code for domestic, mental health or substance issues. In cycling it suggests something else. But it could also be any of the other things that befall all of us. Whatever, he gave me some great entertainment especially the 2012 points race as linked above.

    • Dale Smith

      “Personal issues” could be a whole number of things Dave. Cam Meyer is a real human being and it saddens me that you’ve made that comment.

    • … or illness within the family … or depression … or any number of other things …

    • jules

      why conceal that if it’s coming out anyway? it sounds more like his mind is elsewhere

      • Its up to him to decide if he wants a personal issue made public at this time, not for punters to speculate as to why. I hope he is ok and will be back to his best soon.

  • philipmcvey

    Great, attacking rider and a very positive role model for young cyclists here in his home town – Perth. I wish him well whatever the issues are and that he can return to the sport’s top level.

  • Henry

    Super sad. He was so good so young. He was an amazing track rider and came through that well warn Aussie pathway. He never really ‘made it’ on the road. Never seemed to really find his place at GreenEdge or anywhere else. I believe he was home schooled to focus on his cycling and although I only met him once, and he seemed genuinely nice, I do question whether being home-schooled socially equips you for the world? All the best to him and hopefully he’ll find future peace and happiness.

    • Sean

      There is probably more to it than home schooling bro.

    • Nathan

      His palmares suggests he did indeed ‘make it’ on the road. Perhaps not quite to the level he performed on the track, but his list of wins and placings on the road are damn impressive! Given we do not know why he has made this decision, it is completely pointless speculating as to why, especially bringing up irrelevancies such as schooling.

      • Sean

        Absolutely, this joker is just speculating about things he knows nothing about. At least Cam was homeschooled and didn’t go to a pedo I mean catholic school like I did.

        • Sean

          Home schooling is a very long bow.

  • Andrew

    I wish him the best – he always seemed like a nice, friendly guy. I hope whatever this issue is that you recover quickly!


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