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  • ebbe

    Looks good, although all the proprietary things going on with the drivetrain and dish might put people off? On the other hand, it will make this bike suitable as an N-1 bike combining cross and gravel capabilities. And why not road as well?

    Not to be picky, but one question: The image captioned “Tire clearance on the SuperX is truly impressive with up to a 40mm-wide casing fitting between the stays.” – that is with the 33mm Baby Limus tires on, right? So 40mm would have significantly less clearance than shown in that picture? If you want to go all “monster cross” you’d likely still end up with this…

    • James Huang

      Yep, all of that stuff will, for sure, put some people off. Riders who plan on having just one – or maybe two – sets of wheels might not be too bothered (especially if they’re new to disc) but riders who want to swap wheels between this and a 29er MTB might want to look elsewhere.

      And yes, I’ll clarify that caption as it’s a 33mm tubular pictured there. That said, there’s still about 5mm of space around a 40mm tire (mandated by CPSC), which isn’t bad.

      • Trudiejjones1


  • Adam McIntyre

    So confused with the bb30a. Did they change the crank arm? I run a GXP stages power meter with Wheels Manufacturing adapter on my ’16… now to find out what I am going to need to do with these changes… Hoping to get my 2017 as soon as they ship!

    • James Huang

      My understanding is that the crankarms are the same but on a longer spindle. Seeing as how it’s a modular crankset, you shouldn’t have any issues transferring your power meter over but you may want to verify with Cannondale just to be sure.

      • Bert

        So it’s essentially an 83mm shell (73mm + 10mm – would account for the lack of axle spacers)? If that’s the case then why not simply adopt 386Evo for the sake of 3mm? Can you also confirm q-factor goes from 145mm to a whopping 155mm?

        • James Huang

          Yep, it’s +10mm.

    • Eat More Lard

      Yes, just a longer spindle required. Crank arms and spiders are all compatible.

    • John

      GXP is a problem for bb30a. I have an F-Si mountain bike. I was able to mount a GXP crankset with a similar adapter. You need the universal one which uses a number of shims to adjust for width on the non-drive side. Essentially you use none of them and that allows for the extra 10mm of non-drive side BB shell width. However the chainline needs to be 6mm wider. This is possible with the use of different offset direct mount rings, or using chainline washers between your spider and chainring. The last issue may be q-factor. I had to use the wide version on my MTB (166mm). The narrow, 156mm version, hit the chainstays. As this cross bike is designed around a 155mm q-factor your GXP road crankset may be too narrow. If that’s the case you’re out of luck.

  • Alex

    If I’m understanding you correctly, you need to re-dish all your wheels for this bike to get the rear wheel to sit centered in the rear triangle?

    • James Huang

      Yes, that is correct. So it’s not exactly plug-and-play with standard 142x12mm rear wheels but at least there’s nothing to buy.


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