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  • Derek Maher

    I think Tejay has made the right decision and the rest of the Olympic hopefuls should way up the risks and take strict precautions with their personal health. This virus can stay in the system for months after infection and be passed on by intimate contact not a nice gift to give to anyone.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Smart man.

    • winkybiker

      Emotional and irrational man. But hey, it’s his choice.

      • Michele

        According to you.

        • winkybiker

          You don’t think it’s his choice?

  • Patrick Murphy

    Yep, right decision, this olympics (if it actually happens) threatens to be an absolute shambles.

    • winkybiker

      There is that. What a fiasco the whole thing is becoming. It’s a sordid corrupt affair at the best of times. It usually somehow overcomes this to be good entertainment. It will be entertaining this time, too,. But perhaps for the wrong reasons!

  • Anon N + 1

    Further to D Maher’s comment below, the New York Times reports
    “Scientists raised the possibility that the Zika virus can be transmitted by oral sex — perhaps even by kissing — on Friday in a letter to The New England Journal of Medicine describing one such case in France.”
    Not a nice gift indeed.

  • Carton

    I can’t but respect TJs decision, given that his wife is pregnant. However, this issue has been massively overplayed. The Olympics are happening during winter, where there mosquitoes are very, very scarce. The summer “outbreak” of Zika in RJ state was in the Baixada Fluminense, north of the city. The road race runs nowhere near it (it loops along the southern coastline to the west). The real risk is obviously to pregnancies, but again, its an exceedingly low risk. Moreover, locals in Rio aren’t soaking themselves in bug spray like tourists and athletes are likely to be. And if you’re not pregnant, Zika is basically a nasty virus that will run it’s painful but exceptionally non-lethal course in a couple of weeks. All in all, there will likely be far more cases of tourists and surely athletes contracting far nastier STDs than Zika. It’s just that Zika sounds foreign and scary.

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      Even if that’s all true (I can’t say either way), there’s still a pretty strong argument that with a pregnant wife it’s just not worth the risk. We should also keep in mind that peace of mind for his wife probably has a lot to do with this as well–as it should.

      • Carton

        I wouldn’t disagree (double negatives are kind of my thing) with that, particularly that last sentence. Hence my first sentence.

        • winkybiker

          Yep, peace of mind; not otherwise any rational type of decision, though.

  • Ted Danza

    “pregnant women whose male partners have or are at risk for Zika virus infection should be counseled to use condoms every time they have sex, or abstain from sex for the duration of pregnancy.”

    Either use a condom or don’t have sex while your wife is pregnant.

    Everyone does understand that Zika isn’t as threatening as the mainstream media would like you to believe. This has more to do with Brazil themselves and the further financial impact moving/postponing the games can have on the country. This is also being discussed by other news outlets.

    What journalist should be asking is what is to gain by disrupting Brazil. But CW won’t ask this because on their first ever podcast they are journalist that don’t want to push it, only copy and paste marketing material and ask fluffy questions.

  • winkybiker

    Not a rational decision at all in terms of objective risk assessment and management, but given that he and his wife are as subject to the same irrational fears and prejudices as the rest of us, it is perhaps understandable. He will likely look back and wonder, though. Especially when events are won by people he felt he could beat.

  • bigdo

    It is what it is… You always make the right decision even if it’s the wrong one. ;-)

  • W.c. Varones

    What a loser. Why not compete in the Olympics and then jack off for 4 months until the baby is born healthy?

    You’re going to be able to bang your wife for the rest of your life. But you’re not going to get many more shots at the Olympics.

    • Michele

      And how many times have you competed at the Olympics?

      I’m guessing the answer is 0.

      So the next question is: what’s stopped you from representing your country?

      There must be some pretty good reason for why you haven’t competed. Must be some reason a lot bigger than what Teejay has used. Some reason that stops you from looking like a bigger loser than what you think he is.


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