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  • ebbe

    Wonder if this has anything to do with UCI regulation 2.6.007

    Continental circuits
    The duration of existing events can be reduced by the management committee. In that event, the organiser has the right to be heard by the Management Committee.
    The duration of new events in classes HC, 1 and 2 is limited to 5 days, unless an exemption is made by the management committee.

    • Sandrakmattox1
    • Dave

      LOL that’s a good one.

      I’d love to see the look on a judge’s face when the UCI’s lawyer attempts to explain that the 104th Tour de France is a new event and not a major tour. It would take some considerable explaining, as the UCI in 2008-10 recognised the TdF as a major tour and allowed it to be run outside of both the ProTour and the continental circuits.

      Not that it would happen. The UCI is so skint they can’t even afford to defend their doping tribunal’s decisions at CAS, let alone put up a fight with ASO in a real court and lose.

      • ebbe

        The regulation clearly says “new in classes… Etcetera” Which it clearly is, by choice of ASO, not by choice of UCI.

        Also, no such caveat is made with regards to the management’s right to reduce an events duration. For that, it is irrelevant whether it’s a new event or not.

        • Dave

          Nice try.

          The plan was for the ASO races to be run as major tours like they were in 2008-10, not on a continental circuit. The regulation for major tours is separate to the regulations for the WorldTour and continental circuits for a very good reason – to keep the major tour organisers ‘in the tent’ rather than this sort of dispute seeing them break away from the UCI completely.

          You’re also wrong about the ‘new events’ rule, that only applies to new events and not events changing class. Just like the major tours, there is plenty of precedent to establish that events can change class without dropping back to five days before increasing again the following year.

          • ebbe

            The rule clearly says “new in the classes”. Just read it

            The “Europe tour” is continental, no? ASO wanted to run TdF as part of the Europe tour.

            You’re now making stuff up to try to hijack an argument you’ve already lost Dave. Reflects quote poorly on you. Just accept that your dream of ASO showing UCI up is not happening. I’m no fan of UCI either, but “the rules are clear” ;-)

  • Berne Shaw

    Brian has the ingegrity vision and balls to make this work. He realizes that the UCI can never be the organized of all these sports entities rather its role is regulation safety assuring anti doping and ethics is independent. That said he played a power role in showing ASO could be the big
    Player and have profits if there is a way they move forward and Do not keep cycling small and only in their control. This took major balls as cycling is anarchy and small minded Well done

    • Dave

      I’m no fan of Brian Cookson’s demonstrate incompetence in a managerial role.

      In this instance however, I at least have to give him credit for at least rubbing enough brain cells together to realise the UCI needs ASO a hell of a lot more than ASO needs the UCI and making the appropriate deal.

      Does he have the integrity, vision and balls to transform the UCI into an independent governing body with the organisation of events licensed out like the FIA does with F1, WEC, WRC and so on? That will be a much bigger fight than he could accomplish in the 15 months left in his term as President, and the signs don’t look good for his re-election at this point.

      The balls bit will be the hardest, as we saw what happened with McQuaid when he finally grew a pair and took on Putin’s man Makarov – he lost Makarov’s support and Cookson was elected inside a year.


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