• Spartacus

    Thanks for the detailed review Matt. My crew have been looking at this manufacturer for a while so this is great intel. As your review highlights, race-fit is such an important factor. It would be great if you could indicate how the race-fit lines from well known brands such as Assos and Castelli fit your body shape? For comparison, we are mainly skinny dismorphic climbers who wear a very close fitting medium Assos jersey and large Assos bib.

    • I think any size in Assos bibs and jerseys will translate directly to MB. I wear medium Assos and large Castelli bibs; by comparison the large Sportivo bibs were a little loose for me. As for jerseys, a medium Assos jersey hugs and clings my body while the large Sportivo jersey was generous without being baggy.

    • Trudiejjones1



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