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  • Robert Merkel

    Nice to see the Iceland pic makes a return…

    There is apparently an Icelandic endurance race (though it’s supported, more like RAAM than TransAmerica) which looks like fun:


    • yes, this would be incredible to do!

    • Hollygferrell1


  • Alex Louca

    In addition to the fantastic conversation with Jesse, Wade & Andy regarding everesting & endurance rides being one of the very few in the world to have completed a double Everest and the drives that keep you going, you find yourself breaking down your climbing up/down loop into the smallest of segments eg sign on left, broken tree branch, wheel nut on the right, crazy lady in front yard, stand up to stretch, turn around and go back down. Part way thru my double Everest maybe 6000 vertical metres I had to move my car, this is something that makes you realise how deeply involved you are in performing the one action only of riding your bike up n down the hill. “Move the car”? How on earth do you do that, was pretty much my thinking pattern at the time. Amazing experience and learn so much about the body along the way. A double Everest, 17808m of vert in 36hrs, tick, now what? That’s the next question. ?

    • Trudiejjones1



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