CyclingTips Podcast, Episode 5: Extreme racing

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There was once a time when distance was king in the world of bike racing. The bike allowed us to venture into new frontiers and see how far the the human body could be pushed. The first Tour de France consisted of just six stages, some of which travelled nearly 500 kilometers.

Bike races have become shorter rather than longer and for some, the adventure and romance of racing is gone. There’s a breed of cyclists who race thousands of kilometers, all self-supported, and are always creating new formats of racing. The coverage is sparse, but social media is helping people spread their passion for this type of challenge.

In this week’s podcast, we speak to Jesse Carlsson who won the 2015 edition of the TransAm race (nearly 7000kms over two weeks). We drill into his thoughts to understand his passion for what draws him and people like him to this lunacy. We also speak to Alain Rumpf to get his unique perspectives on the Trans Continental race across Europe, Sarah Hammond who literally just finished this year’s TransAm, and last but not least Andy van Bergen, the mastermind behind the ‘Everesting’ phenomenon.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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