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Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 22, 2016


Today’s CT Daily News Digest: Stars-and-stripes saga: The backstory behind Greg Daniel’s missing national champion’s jersey; Dimension Data long-list for Tour de France; IAM Cycling for Tour de France; Bora-Argon 18 Tour de France roster; Matt Brammeier on his work beyond racing; Cavendish talks nutrition; USA Cycling Pro Road Tour standings update; Shane Kelly backs Shane Perkins for Rio; Eight-year-old conquers Col du Tourmalet; Vos not concerned with Rio problems; Aviva Women’s Tour stage 5 highlights; POV inside the Lotto-Soudal team bus; Copenhagen video bid for the Grand Depart

Stars-and-stripes saga: The backstory behind Greg Daniel’s missing national champion’s jersey

by Michael Better

Over Memorial Day weekend, 21-year-old Greg Daniel shocked the favorites with an emphatic victory at the U.S. national road championship. Almost a month later, he’s still without a team-issue stars-and-stripes jersey. Why?

The answer is a convoluted story of jersey-design rules and interpretations, between his Axeon-Hagens Berman team, USA Cycling, and the UCI.

Daniel had looked forward to donning a team-issued stars-and-stripes jersey at the Tour de Beauce, his first race since winning the national title. But when he clipped in to begin Stage 1 on Wednesday, he was wearing the same jersey he received on the podium in Winston-Salem, with a sponsor decal on the front. It was, as they say, “not very pro.”

Fortunately for Daniel, he traded in his generic stars-and-stripes jersey for the yellow leader’s jersey at Beauce, which he donned after the second stage and wore through the final podium presentation.

Why wasn’t the U.S. national champion wearing a team-issue jersey in a UCI stage race, two weeks after winning his title? Because the team’s proposed design did not pass USA Cycling’s regulations.

Click through to read more at CyclingTips.

Today’s feature image comes from the third stage of the Ster ZLM Toer.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Small error: Daniel Teklehaimanot wasn’t fifth in last year’s TdF… looks like the team was fifth.

    • Pete23

      Was gonna say, does Alberto Contador know this.

  • velocite

    One hopes Marianne Vos is right about Rio. I’ve never been there, but based on the news that surfaces it looks like an impending train wreck.

  • Anon N + 1

    Mark Cavendish is beginning to sound like Jamie Oliver: “When it comes to cooking the vegetables . . . do it simply.”

    • MadBlack

      Hahaha, Yep, he’s on the downhill slope of his career and therefore is setting himself up as a celebrity chef!

    • Sean

      Next he’ll be flogging a paleo book or a healthy healthful clean health supplement.

  • Henry

    Shane Kelly speaks a lot of sense. Perkins is clearly the second fastest Australian sprinter and arguably better tactically than Glaetzer. The two being considered for the Team Sprint – Constable and Schmidt are not in Perkins class at all. Perkins has been to Russia and then to the US to try and prove himself to the powers that be. The sad thing is the powers that be seem to have already made a decision about the team for Rio. I really hope Perko wins something this week at ITS and makes their life very uncomfortable indeed. Make no mistake, Perkins should be on the plane for Rio!

    • Dave

      Australia has two entries in both the Sprint and Keirin. Matt Glaetzer is pretty well guaranteed entry to both events, with the second spot in each up for grabs at ITS.

      The way it’s looking at the moment however, the conditions of the track might make Sam Willoughby the best pick.

      • Henry

        I think you’ll find Australia has one entry for the sprint and one for the keirin. The other two sprint spots will really be for the Team Sprint (and I think Perkins should ride no.2). I think arguably Glaetzer should get both sprint and kern starts if program/recovery allows but having Perkins gives us a solid fallback for injury/crashes. Sam Willoughby is a BMX rider???

        • Dave



          Willoughby is a joke about the incomplete velodrome.

          The women’s sprint selection is a lock. Stephanie Morton and Anna Meares are Australia’s 1-2 in the Sprint rankings and 2-1 in the Keirin rankings, plus a proven Team Sprint pairing.

          • Henry

            Well bugger me… I was under the impression that one country/one entry for all track events.

            • Dave

              Only for 2012.

              • Henry

                Then all the more reason for Perko to go… a much better sprint/keirin racer than the alternative

                • Dave

                  Definitely for the Keirin, but he doesn’t have the kick for the Sprint these days.

                  Patrick Constable is his superior in both the rankings and recent head-to-head results.

                  Glaetzer for both individual events, Perkins for the Keirin and Constable for the Sprint should be the setup for Rio – provided it makes a good Team Sprint setup. If it doesn’t make for a good Team Sprint setup, whichever one of Perkins or Constable is viewed as a less credible medal chance in their individual event would be liable to be replaced with a more appropriate Team Sprint specialist.

                  • Henry

                    Interestingly they will still only take three male sprinters… and with Nathan Hart being one of the best #1’s in the world and Glaetzer being a lock… Perkins and Constable (and the others) are fighting it out for one spot – the #2 in the TS… despite, as you point out, there being less of a chance for a medal in TS than if they took Perkins to race sprint and keirin. Perkins out qualified Constable at ITS yesterday. Will be good to see if Perkins and Constable end up having a match sprint at this event if that is the decider, but I feel like they’ve already made up their mind: Glaetzer, Constable, Hart. I’d love to be proven wrong, but can’t see it.

                    • Dave

                      Three is the maximum number of sprinters they can take, considering that Australia needs to use their Omnium entry for the fifth pursuit rider rather than an extra sprinter.

                      Perkins did beat Constable in the semi-final at ITS1 (before predictably being whipped by Glaetzer in the final) but the selectors will balance that against Constable’s consistent form over the whole performance period and the fact he is coming off a training block while Perkins has been racing.

                      But as you said, they’ve made up their mind already. Perkins is not good enough in either individual event (3rd best Aussie in the sprint, 2nd best in the keirin) to justify carrying him in the team sprint where he doesn’t have the kick to hold Hart’s wheel on the first lap.

          • velocite

            And a very funny joke it is, now you point it out!

  • velocite

    Loved that feature image. There’s something about black and white photography. A colour photograph can look pretty much like the real thing, once glance and you know what it’s about. Black and white, it’s a bit of an abstraction, a different, interesting view.


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