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Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 23, 2016


In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Dries de Bondt wins Halle-Ingooigem; LottoNL-Jumbo team demands apology over hidden motor claims against Roglic; Despite Olympic selection, Dimension Data wants Cavendish to complete Tour; Strava report debunks myth that women; Talansky re-signs with Cannondale, skipping Tour; Team Sky Tour de France roster; BMC Tour de France roster; LottoNL-Jumbo for Tour de France; Controversy over leaked British Olympic cycling roster; Emma Pooley signs with Lotto-Soudal; Favourites for Dutch TT title absent; Win your commute with Tour de Bike Lane; Ion Izaguirre hits 110km/h at Suisse time trial; Chris Hoy races Le Mans

Dries de Bondt wins Halle-Ingooigem

by Mark Zalewski

Dries de Bondt (Veranda’s Willems) won the one-day Halle-Ingooigem race in a two-up match sprint against Jens Keukeleire (Belgium).

The Belgian race was an all-Belgian affair as the main breakaway of ten riders consisted of all Belgians. As the kilometres ticked away the break slowly shed its dead weight. Ten became six, and then three. Finally only two were left off the front with a handful of kilometres to go and fifteen seconds advantage.

Crossing the red kite Keukeleire and de Bondt eyed each other and the chasing break remnants behind them. Knowing they had to keep the speed up for at least half the final kilometre, Keukeleire pulled through. But with 700m to go he swung over and both coasted.

Behind Nikolas Maes (Etixx-QuickStep) was forced to play the chaser as he was the strongest in the group, but it was too little, too late.

Keukeleire went first but de Bondt was on his wheel straight away, and easily came around him. However, he began his celebration a little early as Keukeleire did not give up and de Bondt was forced to grab his handlebars and push the pedals around a couple more times to ensure his win.

Today’s feature image shows the peloton in Ster ZLM Toer.

  • Kieran Degan

    Interesting contrast in the Sky and BMC announcement. Sky: “We have a strong team to help Chris win.” BMC: We have strong domestiques and also guys who can win stages on their own.” Crazy thing is that those Sky climbers could would be stage winners in any other team, at the tour however they will have one job and one job only.

    • Dale Smith

      Yeah absolutely no way BMC can hope to compete with Sky for the win. Looks like they’re not even going to try. When it gets to the mountains we’ll see Froome on the back of a 5 rider Sky train and Richie and Tejay fighting to hang on (until one or both of them gets sick!).
      Reckon Movistar has different plans though. No 2 leader plan for them.

      • Steel

        Not sure about that. Of course the sky train will be strong, but I expect Richie to send tj up the road to break the train apart leaving a 1 on 2 with froome and quintana.

        • Dale Smith

          So you think Richie’s the BMC leader and BMC are foxing with the 2 leader thing? I hope you’re right. It’s the only way they’ll break up the Sky train. Still can’t see tj shaking off Landa, G, Pouls, Henao and Nieve though. Big ask. But I hope you’re right and they go in with one leader and have a crack.

        • Dave

          That tactic is only going to work for Sky, not for BMC. They would simply have one or two riders each day detailed to mark TJVG and sit on his wheel as he goes off the front early on.

      • Dave

        My view is that Richie and TJVG are the ‘GC leaders’ for BMC in the same way that Kelderman is for LottoNL. They are just the best options available in the absence of a real grand tour leader.

        BMC is rumoured to be chasing Steven Kruijswijk for next year, which would give them a leader that Richie and TJVG could work for. It would be the same move they pulled to secure Cadel Evans, a big leader needs to be able to see that there are already key domestiques in place before they will sign on the dotted line.

  • Arfy

    In that thermal image you can see the tyres, the soles of the shoes, and the saddle are all around the same temperature as the hub and cassette, while the legs and even the forearms are much hotter. Considering the cassette and hub are doing work transferring energy to the wheels surely this is not unusual.

  • Laurens

    Too bad for Gesink. I’m penciling him in for a Vuelta podium!

    • Dave

      It would be a powerful lineup for the team if they had both Kruijswijk and Gesink at the Vuelta.

      Possibly even powerful enough to convince Kruijswijk to not walk out the door.


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