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September 22, 2017
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September 19, 2017

Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 1, 2016

In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Giacoppo regains lead with stage win at Tour of Japan; Problems continue with Rio Olympic velodrome construction; More operations for Stig Broeckx following motorcycle-caused crash;  Sergio Henao cleared to return to racing; David De La Cruz sidelined after emergency appendectomy; Skjerping alleges negligence with motorcycle crash at Belgium Tour; Team win rankings update post-Giro; Eddy Merckx accused of corruption; Police suggest one metre passing law will increase dangers; Jacky Durand calls for feed zone safety measures; Sci-Con world bike backing champion crowned; Recovery is key to stage racing

Giacoppo regains lead with stage win at Tour of Japan

by CyclingTips

Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti IsoWhey Sport) took the sprint victory on the third stage of the Tour of Japan, ahead of Jon Aberasturi (Team UKYO) and former race leader Pier Paolo De Negri (Nippo – Vini Fantini).

Courtesy: Tour of Japan

Giacoppo won the opening prologue of the Tour of Japan, and this stage win gives the overall leader’s jersey back to him.

“We had a plan and we nailed it,” he Tweeted. “Thanks to Avanti IsoWhey Sport teamies.”

Stage 3: Mino > Mino - Stage Result

Tuesday 31st May 2016

1. au
Avanti IsoWhey Sport
2. es
3. it
DE NEGRI Pier Paolo
Nippo - Vini Fantini

Today’s feature image is from Kristoff Ramon showing a Tinkoff feeling the snow up the misty Colle dell’Agnello on stage 19 of the Giro.

  • Marcus

    What a great feature photo. Timing is everything…

    • Amyllim3

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    • Lyrebird_Cycles

      Yes, Kristof captured a lovely human moment.

      • Alyssatharbison2

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  • Bex

    The Col Collective did a ride up the Rocacorba. Thought you might include that given the daily news history with that. Along those lines, what’s the go with the name sometimes showing as Rocacorba daily and other times the Daily News Digest… internal power struggle ;)


    • Nice! To answer your question: we have a Category (content bucket) on the site called “Rocacorba Daily” which we’ve used since our news round-up began. When we changed the name to Daily News Digest we kept the same category so all the posts would be in the same bucket. With the new site design, a post’s Category is sometimes shown in red above the title when it appears on the homepage. They should all show up as News going forward but if it ever does say “Rocacorba Daily”, think of it as a nostalgic nod to the history of the round-up. ;)

      As an aside, anyone want to guess how many editions of the Rocacorba/DND we’ve now published?

      Edit: As a further aside, anyone that’s seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones should recognise the establishing shot at 0:15 in the video above.

      • Bex

        you’d have to getting towards 1000, i’d guess 953.

        • Around 770.

          • Bex

            ok i was a bit off. could’ve look in the archives and see how long they’ve been going, i was thinking ~4yrs but i guess not.

  • Dave

    Would not shed any tears if Merckx went down. Slimy bastard.

  • Arfy

    TAC has no interest in increasing cycling safety as they only cover incidents involving PROVEN motorist involvement. The fact that many European countries have minimum overtaking laws that have not been rescinded isn’t enough proof to stop their selfish “fear of god” campaign.

    • Gdub

      False: TAC will cover a cyclist if he is on his way home from work and has an accident not involving a car. Proof: Happened to me #FACT

      • Gdub, your assertion isn’t really correct and Arfy is closer to the truth, but you’re both wrong.
        “Pedestrians and cyclists injured in accidents caused by the driving of a car, motorcycle, bus, train or tram are covered by the TAC.”
        If you are riding and have an accident with another bicycle, or pedestrian, there’s no TAC coverage

        • Gdub

          Then why did TAC cover my accident not involving a car? They don’t publicise it but I assure you they cover ‘when riding home from work on a road’. As I said they covered me so I know it to be fact

          • Arfy

            That may depend whose fault it was, was the accident caused by faulty infrastructure like a pothole? I’d be really interested to know if you stated it was your own fault and they covered you?

            • Gdub

              I have no memory of the incident, with no witnesses on what seemed to be a perfectly fine piece of road. So I had to admit fault, but the claims advisor at the hospital said that TAC would cover me and to their credit they did. The letter they sent stated that because I was riding home from work they had agreed to cover me.

              • Arfy

                That’s great to know, it’s the first time I’ve heard about this. I’ve only seen the ugly side where a car was indirectly involved, and TAC made a point of proving it or they wouldn’t accept the claim. Good to know you’re still with us to tell the story!

          • jules

            that’s surprising to hear. in Vic at least, TAC coverage is 3rd party injury insurance for motor vehicles. so the concept is that the motor vehicle is insured for injury it may cause to 3rd parties. I’ve not heard of TAC insurance extending to injuries not involving motor vehicles.

        • Arfy

          Yes you’re right, I missed the bit about causation. But you still need to prove that it was the motorist’s fault, otherwise they will try to wangle their way out of it – cameras are good when there’s no witnesses, you won’t remember the licence plate number!

          • JC

            In Victoria, the workcover act would cover the cyclist travelling to and from work. TAC only cover bike /pedestrian versus car, tram, train accidents. The benefits are similar, and the application process is very similar to the point where TAC and Workcover use the same form.
            One of the arguments for bicycle or rider registration would be that we could access TAC insurance which is a 6 star trauma insurance policy.

  • Andy Logan

    re The one meter passing law, bearing in mind it is barely enforced as is, I fail to see how this is a concern for the police?

    • jules

      the Police appear to be arguing that motorists may judge the passing law as imposing unreasonable demands on them (motorists) and that motorists may respond by displaying anger towards cyclists.

      apart from the lack of any evidence to support that hypothesis – including the positive experience of introducing the law in Qld – it also suggests a deferential relationship between the police and motorists – i.e. “we can’t control these drivers, I can’t be responsible if they start running you off the road” BUT YOU’RE THE POLICE

      any kind of enforcement approach that clarifies cyclists’ equal right to use the road – in the form of requiring motorists to treat cyclists with care and respect – appears to be automatically off the table. there’s support for improving cycling safety in principle, so long as motorists are no worse off. they’re trying to be half pregnant.

    • Sean parker

      It might be better to have a driving occasioning danger to a cyclist charge
      The metre rule sounds ripe for appeal unless the coppers eyes are calibrated.
      There are times in very slow traffic where passing at less than a metre is perfectly safe and times on the open road where a metre is insufficient.

  • Simon Gamble

    Hi CT. What is your position on the 1m passing law?

  • Cameron Harris

    Shall I wait a HTRWR from Cosmo?

    Yes. I shall wait.


  • Anthony Chan

    Re: 1 metre minimum passing law.
    As a regular road rider and commuter I do not see how legislating the recommended 1 metre passing distance will make the road safer for me.
    Currently, I rarely have issues with cars passing at an unsafe distance. I acknowledge that this will depend on where and when you ride.
    The greater risk to cyclists comes from openly aggressive drivers and distracted drivers (who may not even identify the cyclist at all).
    The law will not reduce the risk from these drivers.
    In 2012, Victoria Police issued 59,000 infringements to drivers for using their mobile phones and I’m sure this is on the rise.
    If a driver is not concentrating on the road, then there’s no way they will judge a “safe distance” or a legislated “1 metre”.
    Even if the law changes, I will still be selecting the safest routes around town.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017