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Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

June 6, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Alberto Contador wins tough Dauphine prologue; Megan Guarnier victorious in the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic; Maurits Lammertink crowned Tour de Luxembourg winner; Oscar Pujol wins the Tour of Japan; Tour de Korea opener won by Jon Aberasturi; Keagan Girdlestone in a critical condition after collision with team car; Tinkov – BMC and Katusha could soon shut up shop; Dumoulin and Martin on the Dauphine uphill prologue; The Mt. Fuji stage of the Tour of Japan; Adam Phelan Weekly: Training in Girona.

Alberto Contador wins tough Dauphine prologue

by Matt de Neef

Alberto Contador (Tinkoff) has wasted no time in taking the lead at the Criterium du Dauphine, winning the uphill prologue ahead of Richie Porte (BMC) and Chris Froome (Sky).

The tough opening stage was contested on a 3.9km all-uphill course with an average gradient nudging 10%. Contador completed the course in 11:36 (20.7km/h), six seconds ahead of Porte and 13 seconds ahead of Froome.

“It was a very hard time trial, especially from km 2 to 1km to go with a gradient of more than 20%,” Contador said afterwards. “You had to do the first part really fast and keep the rhythm there as well. The fact it was hard suited me really well.”

“Today was a perfect day. We had a short race, we had to do it a full pace and from now we will take the race day-by-day. The time gaps are very small and some teams, especially Sky, came here to win.”

The eight-stage Criterium du Dauphine continues today with the first road stage, a 186km effort from Cluses to Saint-Vulbas featuring four small climbs along the way.

Prologue: Les Gets > Les Gets - Stage Result

Sunday 5th June 2016

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PORTE Richie
BMC Racing Team
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FROOME Christopher
Team Sky
  • Kieran Degan

    Didn’t see Froome’s ride last night, but damn Bertie looked good. Phenomenal ride. Richie was also impressive. Gerro was looking fit and determined. Did anyone else think he’s looking bigger than usual?

    • jules

      I saw Gerro in summer here and he looked cut as a snake. I think the camera and being compared with other biafran riders makes him look bigger. I’d look like a sumo wrestler next to them.

    • Andy Logan

      Great ride by Bertie last night, how quickly he caught Arthur Vichot was a clear indicator he was going well. Richie looked good as well.

    • jakub

      Contador is looking very good and very lean, almost like in 2014.

    • Andy B

      I agree I think its the cameras and their size relative to skinny climbers, I thought edvald looked particularly heavy but I don’t imagine either are overweight

  • Cameron Harris

    Hi CT

    Will there be a HTRWR for the Giro? I’m happy to be patient, but if it’s not happening I’d like to get my grieving process started.


    • Jane Roberts

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  • Connor

    I see Sergio Henao is back for Sky….does anyone know what happened to his ‘bio passport’ issues? Are they still ‘issues’ or have they been fully explained with the physiological argument? That looks like a seriously strong Sky squad….Froome having Landa AND Henao in the hilly stuff will be a massive help.

    • velocite

      He’s been cleared, but AFAIK no details of upon what basis have been released.

      • Dave

        Quite possibly that Sky indicated they would fight it and the UCI folded, as in the Kreuziger case.

        The UCI is skint, and can’t afford a legal fight.

        • velocite

          This surely is a technical issue relating to the biological passport and how it copes with riders who live at altitude and other rider variations. I remember reading that Charly Wegelius had problems because of what he said was his naturally high haemocrit. Wouldn’t it be expected that the biological passport system would be subject to fine tuning as cases came up? But in the absence of information we’re left with a mystery, which is not healthy.

          • Dave


            You can’t be that sure with the UCI, the only reason it’s not all over the media like FIFA is that the corruption is limited to millions rather than hundreds of millions.

  • Arfy

    Good to see TOJ supporting men’s cancer awareness with a free prostrate check for the stage winner.

  • Neuron1

    Great videos by Adam Phelan, beautiful and inspiring. Maybe he can write a column and replace TSP.

    • Michele

      He does. He does a cracking job of it as well. Really enjoy them.

      And last time I checked, though it might have since changed, we weren’t obliged to read TSP. So if we don’t like it, we don’t have to read it. :)

    • Sean

      He could in fact be TSP :-)

      • Andy B

        that would take a lot of made up stories ;)

  • thomasrdotorg

    Thanks CT for your measured and professional reporting of Keagan’s situation. Getting messaged at 3am with false and hasty reports was distressing in the extreme and should be a salutary lesson to many cycling news sites that being first with rider injury information ought not be as important as being absolutely correct.

    • Thanks Tom. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Keagan, as I’m sure you do as well!

  • Robert Merkel

    Re ridiculously uphill prologue – what’s sillier, a prologue up the local wall, or a prologue around some ridiculously tight course in a European city center (or, for that matter, the banks of the Yarra in Melbourne?)

    I don’t have a problem with it, particularly in a race like the Dauphine.

    • Dave

      Perhaps prologues should go back to just offering time bonuses for the top placegetters (like on a sprint stage) with everyone else on equal time?

      I don’t agree with der Panzerwhinger.

      • velocite

        I dislike your nickname of Tony Martin, but like the time bonus suggestion. In fact, I’d apply it to all time trials: they unbalance races IMHO.

        But last night’s prologue I thought was terrific – it was just the SBS commentary which was hopeless. Not that you needed a lot but that just subtracted. Anyhow, so Contador beat Porte by 6 seconds. What would have happened if they’d been racing? What would be good for we TV watchers would be to see a visual representation of the time gap against the leader all the way up the hill – so we would have been able to see Contador’s gap against Froome all the way up, and Porte’s against Contador. And what if the riders had access to the same thing?

        • Dave

          I’m not so sure about only awarding time bonuses for ITTs which are full stages, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some form of capping of time gaps similar to what used to apply in a TTT.

          In the 21st century, it should be easy for TV coverage of major cycling events to include something similar to the ‘red line’ you see representing the world record pace in swimming or athletics. TTs should be able to go further and use fixed/guided camera positions to superimpose a ghost of the actual vision of the previous best rider or the other riders in the GC battle.

  • Andy B

    That prologue was one of my favourite races of the year.. short, sharp and lots of suffering
    over and done quick and I didn’t even fall asleep


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