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August 18, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 15, 2016


In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Richeze wins tight Suisse sprint; Judge rules that Operacion Puerto blood bags can finally be handed over; UCI, WADA to push for identification of Puerto athletes; Interview: Why Phil Gaimon believes Danielson wasn’t doping; Keagan Girdlestone out of coma and breathing unassisted; Dot watching – The Trans Am and the Tour Divide; Rio velodrome not ready until mid-July; UK Anti-Doping admits failures in Dan Stevens case; Copeland to manage new Bahrain team; Fabio Felline set to return to racing; Chris Anker Sørensen speaks of Tinkoff team exit; Cycling media loses valued member; Leah Kirchman extends with Liv-Plantur; Is cycling more harmful to the environment than a car?; Aviva Women’s Tour Of Britain Preview; Brandon Semenuk pins it for 100 seconds; Danny Van Poppel makes incredible save, is fined by commissaires 

Richeze wins tight Suisse sprint

by CyclingTips

Maximiliano Richeze (Etixx-QuickStep) won the third stage of the Tour de Suisse. The tight and technical finish sprint resulted in the lead-out man getting the win ahead of his sprinter Fernando Gaviria and race leader Peter Sagan (Tinkoff).

Stage 4 of the Tour de Suisse 2016

The break of the day included Matt Brammeier (Dimension Data), Jérémy Maison (FDJ), Jaun Lukas (Team Roth) and Nick Van der Lijke (Roompot-Oranje). Lukas was dropped from the break with 25km to go.

Tinkoff did the main work to keep the break within reach while Etixx-QuickStep finished it off. Maison made a last-ditch attack with 5km to go but it was all together again at 3.5km. Some GC riders moved up the group as the technical finish route, including many roundabouts, started tailing riders off the back of the peloton.

While organisation was lacking into the final kilometres, Etixx-QuickStep managed to get two on the front heading into the hard 90-degree turn at about 120m from the line. Sagan made an inside move to get in on the Etixx-QuickStep leadout there and Sky’s Danny Von Poppel tried to go with him but could not hold the turn, clipping out along the barrier.

However, it was too late for the GC leader as Richeze, who was supposed to be the leadout, had a clear shot to the line for the win, with Gaviria celebrating behind in second and Sagan taking third.

Stage 4: Rheinfelden > Champagne - Stage Result

Tuesday 14th June 2016

1. ar
RICHEZE Ariel Maximiliano
Etixx - Quick Step
2. co
GAVIRIA Fernando
Etixx - Quick Step
3. sk

Today’s feature image comes from the final stage of the Criterium du Dauphine.

  • That save in the corner! (And magic 100 second video too). Great digest today.

    • Nitro

      Someone needs to bookmark that one for inclusion in the “Top bike skills of the year” video…

      I’m never that impressed by the professional lunatics that ride their bike along a piece of string strung between 2 buildings, or bunny hop their bike across a ravine (Its a matter of WHEN they stuff it up and put themselves in hospital or the morgue – not IF), but a save like that, in the heat of battle a couple of hundred metres from the finish line – that’s incredible…

      • MadBlack

        Well, how he got himself into the position in the first place (endoing for no apparent reason) would be testament to very poor handling skills. I guess it swings in roundabouts.

  • Dave

    Cycling Australia commissaires at the Tour de Suisse?

    • choppy

      Must be, probably the same one that DQ’d riders for wearing booties or long sleeve skinsuits in the rain at the NC TT championships

  • Luke Bartlett

    the fact that someone obtains a research grant to study paleo diet emissions and then frames it as cyclist vs driver is ridiculous. “greenhouse emissions comparison between cyclist commuter who also burns forests down in spare time and increases traffic vs. SMIDSY hybrid car driver who only eats the moss which grows on their backyard patio” =/> cyclists have a huge carbon footprint.

    oh, and it’s a comparison between two seperate paleo cyclists vs two normal diets car-pooling in a prius.

  • Cameron Harris

    Do you reckon there are sound effects added to the Raw100 video? The sound that comes with the no hands jump sounds added, unless they mic’d the rider?

    • common sense

      i think they mic’d the freehub!

    • Adam Fuller

      I think a mike on a chainstay.

  • Cam

    Apparently studying at Harvard is not as prestigious as I had previously believed, what a complete load of nonsense.

  • velocite

    I don’t believe that assurances from a friend that a particular rider is not doping are worth anything at all. Last night I re-read bits of Lance Armstrong’s second book, ‘Every Second Counts’, the one about his post-cancer career. One of its major themes is how clean he was and how unfair it was that he was being picked on by journalists and the French investigation. Part of being a successful cheat must be a convincing clean persona – which in a strange way probably becomes indistinguishable from reality, even for the cheat himself.


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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017