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  • Samuel Clemens

    Yeah whatever. You took the juice now take the punishment.

    • Gabriel Constantin

      I guess you were never missjudged, though many could judge your reaction to this article harshly.

      • Samuel Clemens

        And they are welcome to do so. This fellow tested positive and as we know, professional cyclists are such bastions of probity, ethics and morality.

        • Gabriel Constantin

          You are now generalizing and passing judgement on all cyclists being immoral.

          • Samuel Clemens

            They make a good case for it.

  • Cam

    How long does it take to analyse supplements, 10 months not enough. The whole process for testing positive seems completely unregulated and comical.

    • Dave

      Once you understand who is doing what, you’ll see this is being done properly.

      USADA have the positive test, which is all they need. They don’t care when the hearing is held because their case is ready to go. They have done everything by the book, including recording an ADRV and placing Danielson on a provisional suspension.

      The delays are coming from Danielson’s side being granted extra time to try and assemble a defence. I don’t see a problem there, as it is in the interests of fairness that he be given a chance to prove his case. It’s not like this is a delaying tactic to make USADA just give up and let it slide, because he is on a provisional suspension.

      • Nomad

        Well said. I can’t blame an athlete who adamantly defends himself in a doping case. And in his situation, there’s a lot at stake with a lifetime ban.

    • PsiSquared

      The process is exactly unregulated and comical.

      • Dave

        Indeed. Danielson’s team can take an unregulated amount of time to assemble a defence, but it will still get laughed off at the hearing if they can’t find anything to substantiate it.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    I’d love to believe you there, tommy boy, but dammit I’m struggling.

  • Berne Shaw

    I think it is possible he is innocent of deliberate drug use. I have research methodology credentials and the nature and kind of evidence being presented is congruent with unintentional use by supplement. Especially given the microscopic quantities timing of ingestion etc. This rider would have gained nothing by its use and lost everything. Maybe in this case this rider deserves our willingness to stay with innocent before guilty of intentional use.

    • Dave

      I don’t agree. Doping is strict liability and Danielson was caught glowing.

      It is in the interest of fairness (for Danielson) that he be given alI the time he needs to assemble a defence before having a hearing, but also in the interest of fairness (for the clean riders) that the provisional suspension stays in place for a rider who was caught glowing.

    • Sean parker

      Would it not be just as plausible that he doped and still had detectable, if low, serum levels of the drug. Which suggests that he mistimed his dosage prior to testing.
      Low levels of the drug no not suggest inadvertent consumption at all. Unless they tested him soon after any alleged doping it is very likely that he would have very low levels of the drug.

      It’s like trying to explain very low levels of caffeine in my blood now on contaminated beer I had with dinner, rather than th coffee I had this morning.

      • Dave

        And this is why I support the strict liability doping rules, where the an athlete can make a defence but it is their responsibility to substantiate that defence rather than the anti-doping body’s responsibility to prove the defence is invalid. It’s an adversarial system, just like a real court.

        In this case, it should be simple for Danielson to substantiate his defence – work out which supplement was contaminated, and then get an independent lab to test a sample of the supplement from the manufacturer’s stock of the same batch.

        To date, all we have confirmed is the positive test, so Danielson’s provisional suspension should stay.

  • With guys like little Tommy D It always comes back to this…
    Every single time!!!


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