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  • AMK3072

    Sad events but really cycling tips?

    Why did you think you needed to go here? This has nothing to do with cycling. Really poor form. If this is the way you are going I’ll find somewhere else.

    • Neal Rogers

      I’m sorry you see it that way. Fact is, this is a national headlines story in the U.S. Fort Lewis College and CU Boulder are two of the biggest collegiate cycling universities in the U.S., and Sepp Kuss is a true phenom; along with Nielson Powless, he represents the next generation of U.S. Grand Tour contenders. You may not find this news of interest, or newsworthy, but I assure you, there are plenty of folks who do — and who will in the years to come. And this, tragic as it is, is now part of his story.

      • AMK3072

        If it was something happening to Sepp Kuss himself then it would be worth CT reporting on. The fact that this USAF pilot had a family member who is a good rider does not make it a space you need to enter.

        It might be big news but CT is not the Denver Post. Or are you trying to be? If you are then CT has changed, for the worse.

        • david__g

          And what with the internet being completely full, we really need to cut back on things like this, right?

  • scott rosenthal

    Huh? “Dolph Kuss, a U.S. Nordic ski team coach during the 1960s and 70s and former coach at Fort Lewis College, is Sepp Kuss’ father, and Captain Kuss’ grandfather.” Dolph had a 32 year old grandson and a 22 year old son?

    • Neal Rogers

      Unconventional, yes. But that is correct.


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