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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
  • Matthew McArdle

    Urrrgh! vents on the bottom. Really bad at cooling the foot and really good for letting water in. Who keeps thinking this is a good idea?

    Looks like they’ve also ditched the very nice Sidas inserts that came with the previous version too? So no leather, not Italian made, and cheapo inserts. hmmm why are they the same price still? I have the previous version and have been extremely happy with them, but I like supple road shoes as I find they remain comfortable after your feet swell on very hot rides.

    • hornk

      triathletes like it to let the pee out….

  • Sean parker

    $500 for a shoe that is tapered at the toe and has only adequate heel retention…

    Did someone mention Bont on this site?

  • cthenn

    Wow, this seems generally like a pretty bad shoe…form over function in this case.

  • Chikashi

    ‘Keeping in mind that fit is a highly subjective and personal thing…’ Well, exactly.

    The width and shape of the toe box work very well for me whereas I couldn’t even get into previous models from Fizik. The heal feels more secure in R1B than it did with Bont Vaypor S, which as far as I’m concerned is over-rated in many ways other than being a terrible eye-sore (with apologies to those who think Birkenstocks with oversocks are attractive).

    @matthew_mcardle:disqus, I have not really been able to discern that sole vents work in Rapha/Giro and Bont shoes, but here the sole vents actually work. I can actually feel the incoming air. It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t use the stock insoles; I am using the G8 Performance Series 2620 insoles as I need higher arch support. I have swelling on long, hot rides, but the micro adjustment afforded by the Boa installation easily takes care of such eventualities.

    I do agree that the way the replaceable heel is secured is daft.

    I also think that the cleat attachment holes could have been placed more to the rear. I had to get a pair of extenders for my Speedplay cleats in order to get them in the desired position towards mid-foot.

    As for the country of origin, the build quality is excellent, possibly better but certainly no worse than the previous Italian production.

    Overall, I’m very happy with them.

  • david__g

    I still don’t understand the belief that people who want fancy shoes have narrow feet.

  • Mira Clota

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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017