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  • Nitro

    I’ve never met him, but have watched – and been inspired by – his 1:20 video on this site many-a-time.

    Will keep fingers crossed for full recovery – clearly a cycling talent, but also a team member, a son, a family member – thoughts with Keagan and his family at this time

    Always disappointed when the “Race to be first beats the race to be right” in media circles…. Reminds me of this one https://youtu.be/m95qHOmoUXs
    – a drama representing real events along a similar vein…

    • The same “race to be first” happened with Mark Gunter a few months ago as well. Awful for his friends and loved ones to see this happen.

    • The Newsroom cops a bit of flack but I’d highly recommend it for anyone even vaguely interested in the newsmaking process. Sure, it’s overly dramatised and unrealistic much of the time, but still makes for very compelling viewing.

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