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  • Berne Shaw

    Sounds like bureaucracy and craptastic decision crike!

  • Spencer Martin

    The bureaucracy and favorite-playing of USA Cycling is severely limiting our county’s success in international competitions. Kristin Armstrong was once a great American Olympian, but she has no business being selected for this Olympic cycle. None of her results since coming out of retirement show that she is ready to compete in place of the other US competitors. This mishandled process is a significant blow to our country’s up and coming talent and completely unfair to Carmen Small and Alex Howes. Small torched both Stevens and Armstrong straight up at Nationals and Howes showed that he is clearly the best US rider on tough, rolling courses against world-class competition. How many other countries national TT champions are missing out on Olympic bids? Also, an Olympic selector being the personal coach of one of the athletes being selected is a gross violation of ethics (even if he “abstained” from the process). These notable non-selections and lack of effort to pick the best Olympic team makes me embarrassed to be a USA Cycling license holder.

  • jgreencyclist

    Carmen Small got rooked too!

  • Robert Merkel

    Don’t really see the point of taking two specialist time trialists unless both are serious medal prospects. Phinney, yep, but Bookwalter seems unlikely to medal.

    The road race always offers a chance for a lucky dip medal through a breakaway, so it would make sense to pick the strongest rider on the course and cross your fingers.

    That said, was Howes really the strongest rider available for the road race?


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