• jules

    good luck Lachlan. the guy obviously has WT legs. hopefully he’s in the right headspace now and someone will give him an opportunity. I reckon with his legs you’d be mad not to.

    • Neil

      Hear, hear Jules. This is a good story for me. Personally, I don’t care whether he goes back to the WT or not, it’s just nice to hear he’s enjoying riding his bike and racing again.

      • Christinaawilson1

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  • Dave morton

    A great article and well balanced. Its a measure of Lachlan that he did not talk about three significant setbacks when he was in Europe. He was knocked down by a motor bike in Sydney and suffered concusion, before he left for Spain, recovered, was hit by a car when training and broke his colar bone and two weeks before tour de suisse was again taken down by another rider on a fast decent and arrived at the race bandaged up and not well. These are the things that test commitment.


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