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  • ebbe

    A few minor text improvements/comments:
    1) It was not “the reserve bike of Addy Engels”, but Roglic’s own spare bike, that was being held by Addy Engels. Addy Engels is a DS of the Lotto-Jumbo team, not a rider (any more). He does not travel around with his own time trial bike(s) to lend out to the riders ;-)
    2) The quote “…according to the UCI this time the bike was not adjusted according to the rules.” is a proper translation, but the meaning might not come across clearly. For clarity: the bike was not “adjusted” in between the two measurings by officials. It was “adjusted” (set to measure for Roglic) prior to the first measuring, and was not changed since. Hence the surprise when it was approved at the first measuring, but not at the second.

    A bit disappointing from Stade 2 this. Until now, they’d allowed the accused party to respond to their findings, before airing any accusations. I struggle to see why they neglected to do so now. Not very ethical journalism from them, this time. It would appear this failure of adhering to basic journalistic principles will cost them. It should be quite easy to spot a neutral spare wheel in any footage.

  • Dave

    Until they have some actual evidence, please stop dignifying these gutter press hacks by reporting on every single one of their shitty beatups as if it is real news.

  • Prof. Fluffy

    If Roglic was riding a neutral service rear wheel, Stade 2’s accusations are well and truly debunked, in my opinion.
    A quick roadside wheel swap could have easily led to Roglic riding off with a misaligned rear derailleur, which might have led to increased friction at the casette/chain interface and the hot spot visible in the image. (Although I must say I am not aware of any tests conducted on the heat buildup such friction would cause.)
    I wonder if there is any video footage of the service car giving Roglic a wheel, or if the mechanics involved would be willing speak out about it and refute Stade 2’s story.


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