Minimal time, maximum reward: two 45-minute interval sessions to fit into your busy life

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Summer is here. The weather is good, the days are long and we’re itching to ride our bikes. However, summer also means there is a lot of things going on, things to do, places to take people, etc. Because of this busy-ness, the time on our bike can be limited. But limited time does not mean we have to sacrifice quality training. You can still get quality training in just 40 to 60 minutes.

Here are two 45-minute interval sessions to fit into your busy life:

20/20/20’s Up a Hill

– Warm-up well for 15 minutes.
– Then do the following drill 6 to 8 times up a hill:
– 20 seconds standing, 20 seconds seated, 20 seconds standing.
– Recover for 3 minutes in between intervals
This effort is HARD, and you should be going almost full gas ~90%.  Aim for consistent power averages each interval. If power starts to really drop, call it a day and cool down.
– Cool down 10-15 minutes

Don’t live near any climbs? That’s OK! Here’s a flat lander workout:

Build Workout without Recovery

– Warm-up for 15 minutes
– Do the following surges (meaning, stand up and sprint as the segway into the new zone. This will throw your average power or HR off so you will have to use Rate of Perceived Exertion to gauge your effort level). Do all intervals on the flats and in your drops.

– 1 minute at tempo (zone 3),
– Sprint for 10 seconds
– Threshold (zone 4) for 1 minute
– Sprint for 10 seconds
– VO2 (zone 5) for 1 minute.
– Return to the tempo portion of the interval set and repeat the interval (no formal recovery), keeping your cadence at 90-100 rpms throughout the workout.

– Finish with 4 x 30 seconds HARD with 30 seconds off in between
– Cool down 5-15min

Remember, quality of training beats quantity of training anytime.

Get on your bike, make it focused and quality, and you’ll be fast all summer!


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