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  • Gavin Adkins

    The Olympic focus is holding women’s road cycling back. You only need to look at track cycling to see what happens if the Olympics is the be all and end all.

    • Dave

      They need the exposure.

      However, I don’t buy the use of it as an excuse to skip the Giro Rosa because Orica-AIS do have a roster large enough to do both.

      Orica-AIS has a roster of 11 riders, and it is likely that three of them (Gracie Elvin, Rachel Neylan, Amanda Spratt) will be on the Australian squad for the women’s road events at the Olympics along with Carlee Taylor of Liv-Plantur.

      That leaves 8/11 riders left over as available to race the Giro Rosa, which is enough when they can only select seven. Draft in a younger rider on a short term contract if needed.

      • Jeanine Laudy

        Annemiek van Vleuten, one of their race leaders, has been selected for the Olympics too. This leaves them with four big names that don’t want to race the Giro. They also said they would not consider racing the Giro just to show up.

    • Neil_Robinson

      or is it the only thing holding it up?

      • Gavin Adkins

        Fair point.

        • Ashleylcruickshank4

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    • Derek Maher

      I agree mostly Gavin. Although the women’s world tour is a costly business for teams on a tight budget and most of the teams are bound to skip the far away events. I don’t like this skipping of the women’s Giro Rosa the biggest stage race on their calendar for the sake of a one day race held every 4 years which until a few decades ago pro cycling could not care less about. Pro racing needs to support every event in their normal calendar as much as possible if its to thrive.


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