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  • Riley

    nice refresh. Looking forward to a completely new design for 2017 though (hopefully).

  • Sean

    Kit looks great! It’s always among the best looking kits.

  • sket

    A strong tactical move. With a few well timed “Hola!” Nairo will never realise the cuckoo until it’s too late!

  • Holby City

    Looks like Movistar!

    • claude cat

      Yeh, I think at first glance it looks similar.

      • AMK3072

        How many times will Phil and Paul get this wrong in July?

        • claude cat

          Probably a fair bit.
          Although my expectations of team this TdF are pretty modest (hopefully they surprise me), so perhaps there’s not going to be too many opportunities to get it wrong!

        • Laurens

          Not at all: they’ll be talking about wine and castles.

          • Why would one talk about anything else in France? (Source: I live in France)

        • zosim

          Haven’t those two retired yet? I thought they’d said they’d stop commentating if it was ever proven that Lance had cheated.

    • claude cat

      Yeh, I think at first glance it looks similar.

    • Trudiejjones1


  • Secret CritPro

    From OGE to OBE ?

  • Jessy Vee

    Wow! That kit is going to be easy to see in the peloton… Not. I agree with Holby City and sket below – It does look similar to Movistar. I’m going to miss the white, green and blue (much fresher look, in my opinion) and looking forward to seeing what the kit looks like for 2017!

    Big congrats to Bike Exchange on the sponsorship deal! Sad to see that the GreenEdge part has been dropped, but I suppose it was inevitable.

  • De Mac

    It’s great that those blokes can ride a bike, ‘cos they cannot ‘pose’ for quids…. hahaha. Kit looks grouse!

  • Connor

    Nice job considering the time/approvals constraints…dark navy and lime green a good combo but MIGHT be a bit confusing vs. Movistar

  • Holby City

    Still running old Dura Ace

    • It won’t be seen at the Tour on any team from what we understand.

  • Mikael_L

    I like how Alba seems to have had a shave mid-photo shoot…

  • Leigh Johnston

    Basically just a colour change, still looks good, but I think the Orica logo and name should’ve stayed the light blue as it stood out against the old white top half. Or Orica name white with the blue logo. Logo could’ve been outlined in white if it blended in with the dark blue of jersey too much.

  • awesometown

    Boring and forgettable. Even worse, it will be hard to distinguish this kit from Movistar. Can’t wait to watch this confuse the $hit out of the eurosport team in July!

    • Dave

      Carlton Kirby confirmed during the 24 Hours of Le Mans a couple of weeks ago that he will indeed be calling the Tour.

      Unfortunately for LM24 fans, he showed no more competence behind the microphone then than he does at bike races.

      • Sean

        nah he’s alright, much better than paul and phillip.

        • winkybiker

          He’s improving, too.

      • david__g

        Kirby is light years better than Phil and Paul and able to treat the whole thing (bike racing) with the ridicule it sometimes deserves.

      • grannyf

        Lke the emerald helmets hate the new uniforms far too much like Movistar how come they changed to yellow helmets yesterday???

  • Ric Elliott

    What happened to green edge? I thought orica was not continuing !!

    • Dave

      Orica are discontinuing at the end of 2017 and will still need to be replaced with long-term support.

      Greenedge is/was not a sponsor, it’s the name of the company which operates the team and was always just a placeholder intended to be replaced by a sponsor.

      BikeExchange is not massively different, it’s the team owner “sponsoring” his own team through another one of his businesses. The team will still need to replace Orica for the 2018 season onwards.

      • Ric Elliott

        All clear, thanks Dave

  • Are these sleeves slowly getting longer and longer – almost comically? I mean, I was just checking out the new Endo Customs kit and the sleeve is almost at the guys elbow…then in 3+ photos here the jersey is actually creasing at their elbow! Come on!!! This is getting a bit nuts. You want a long sleeve – wear a long sleeve; you want a short sleeve – it should reach your elbow?

    • zosim

      Aero gains. Personally I prefer slightly longer cut tight sleeve so I’m quite happy.

      • Ok…are you talking about what you like in a racing jersey – because you’re racing? Or in a short sleeve jersey out for a training ride/ride? I mean – ‘Aero gains’ while out on a training ride or just out riding is…marketing. Come on…

        • zosim

          aero gains for racing. But for personal riding wear I prefer a longer cut more fitted sleeve. Just prefer the fit

  • Abdu

    Meh…Then again, my wife buys my jocks so…

  • Dave

    Decals on bikes unaffected as yet!

    Good to see the Uni of Adelaide helmet getting good use.

  • Art Wetherall

    The real question here is why is Durbo wearing two different shoes?

    • Dave

      Subtle post-modern commentary on the changes at the team, not just the sponsors and kit. The bright green sneaker represents the old ‘fun’ team best known for lip syncing to Carly, passing the maillot jaune around the team and the Greenwedge incident with the bus, while the proper cycling shoe represents the new ‘serious’ team which contests monuments and grand tours.

      The bike with the old Greenedge logo on the side facing backwards is there to emphasise it.

      • Art Wetherall


      • Sean

        Alba should grow that white beard out, it would suit the kit.

  • Laurens

    This colour blue, plus the colours of the Bike Exchange logo, and the hint of a design overhaul for 2017… they’re buying all the old gear from IAM at the end of the season! Same bike brand even ;-)

  • Philip Walker

    Movistar without the M

  • winkybiker

    Where has Caleb Ewan gone? I know that youngsters shouldn’t be “over-raced” but I’ve not seen him mentioned in months.

  • alkarpinsky

    this comment section was LIT!!!!

  • Wookie

    Albasini better be careful with the white beard, or he’ll be OBE-wan-Kenobi…

  • Francisco Arraiza

    what helmet does matthews have in the last photo?


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