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  • Chucky Beans

    What a stage. But totally perplexed by Bardet at the end: wouldn’t he rather have worked with Pinot to take yellow instead of trying to get the stage? He seemed to slow to a near crawl at one point–which I assume was a tactical maneuver and not exhaustion.

    Froome is unbelievable. He’s crushed Contador two days running. Not a big fan of his, but one has to admire his ability on a bike.

    • Hyun-ji Song

      Probably knew sky wouldn’t let him go on the final stage for the overall so tried for the stage.

  • Berne Shaw

    Anyone who loves cycling as a tourist, amateur, or I wish I had tried to race wannabe should go and be a part of a group riding and watching the TDF. Having been a many moons ago national class racer, I later had a chance to see Lemond win in 89 and 90. The Alps, the Pyrenees the sheer scale of the mountains and the Tour the spectacle, the daily drama building every day. One must actually ride parts at least of these amazing stages to understand and embrace the talent, courage, pain and suffering needed to ride let alone win the tour. Today’s stage reminds me so much of this glorious sport and somehow cycling in these environs at this scale embraces much if not all that we all love about sports, it ability to show us the human potential, to aspire to greatness, to fully commit oneself and to take part in an event larger than one can imagine. Just great. I still love it at 66 years old, riding 150 miles a week in the beautiful hills around my home in a wonderful country county with rivers little traffic and friendly neighbors, home of the Tour of the Battenkill, a great race here in the northeast USA.

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