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  • Elisabeth

    While Lemon Hill is short and punchy, this Philadelphian views the Manayunk Wall as the more difficult of the two climbs!

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Awesome insight. Thank you!

    • Alyssatharbison2

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    • Jon

      Yep, the author was definitely mistaken; the Wall is far and away the more difficult climb on the course (don’t think Lemon Hill should even be called a climb to be honest).

      If there is a bunch sprint lining up, it’ll only hold until the bottom of the Wall. That climb, while also short, tears the group to tatters lap after lap. Once they hit that 17% grade, you can literally watch the despair set in. :)

      It’s an incredible race. Hope anyone thinking of viewing does so!

      • Jeanine Laudy

        Sorry! Only heard it from other people and haven’t tried any of the climbs myself. Will note for previews to come: Wall is more difficult than Lemon Hill!


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