• Tim Ashton

    I want both of these things ha ha

  • PEPE

    Shimano stakeholders: “We want a new top end road shoe”. Shimano Product Developer walks into a Specialized Retail Shop and buys an S-Works pair. Shimano Stake Holders: “Good Job”!

    • Andy B

      Mixed with a little bit of bont

  • Wakatel Lu’um

    I would buy the shoes if they keep them unlabeled…

  • winkybiker

    Not sure of the long-term aesthetic merits of having partially white soles.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      It might not be that bad, depending on the material. I have a pair of mostly white Bont shoes, with sythetic uppers. Very shiny, non porous. Can mostly be cleaned with common soap, and even horrid grease and road tar splotches have come away with degreaser and/or bike polish and a cloth.

      I do have another pair of Fizik MTB shoes, cloth mesh, and they are now perma-gray.

      • winkybiker

        Oh come on, there is no amount of cleaning that can make Bonts look good.

        • Rodrigo Diaz

          didn’t say good, said clean! They still look like (sparkling) boats.

  • DaGoose

    It’s a shame Shimano hasn’t tried to integrate the strain gauges into the arms themselves. I guess development for a blockout would mean additional tooling/processes during manufacturing thus driving up costs but it would result in a much more sleek/integrated solution which I’m sure the prosumer would want (similar to Giant’s integrated sensor on their non-driveside chainstay). The downside may be serviceability and maybe a small loss in stiffness, both of which could be engineered to be acceptable. I would have also have thought placing the strain gauge away from the middle of the arm would result in more error as the differential strains experienced at the ends of the cranks would be less than middle of the crank arm.

    • James Huang

      That was my initial thought as well (the arms are hollow, after all) but then I realized that that likely isn’t possible given how the arms are manufactured. To my knowledge, the non-driveside arm is hollow-forged in what is essentially a single step. Not only is there no access inside the thing but the interior surface isn’t nearly as perfectly smooth or consistent as it would need to be to apply strain gages. The driveside one is built in more of a clamshell fashion with a C-shaped outer half and a flat inner plate. Those parts are brazed together, however, and I can’t imagine that any electrical components installed inside would survive the process.

      That sort of layout would be more likely with something like a Cannondale Hollowgram crankset, where the arms are manufactured primarily by machining and bonding.

      • Il_falcone

        do you have any idea or a reference to an article how the crank arm can be manufactured hollow in a one-step process? I’m really curious to find out how that could work. With former Dura Ace cranks, starting with the FC-7700 back in 1997 both crank arms were made out of “C-shaped outer halfs and a flat inner plate”.

  • Spider

    Surely we’ll see the new Dura Ace at the TdF!

  • Vincent Chen

    I want a set of 160mm crankset please

  • Dexter Deveau

    Too late in my opinion. Who cares at this point? Shimano trying to make a buck of of the power meter market. It’s already super saturated at the moment.. Curious what Shimano attempts to “Diversify” the current market.

    • Legstrong

      Too late, maybe as a stand-alone PM. If Shimano can package it well, mainly price, it could still impact the market share. On top of that, Shimano has a reputation of super duper high reliability. I would pick Shimano PM over Pioneer, Stages, 4iii, etc. We have yet received any spec on it. Maybe ±1% accuracy? IPX6 rating?

      • Rodrigo Diaz

        Distribution, cost, OEM opportunities… At any rate, as a consumer having an extra major player in the power meter market can’t be bad.

        • Legstrong


        • Dave

          OEM sales for sure, plus the chance to re-establish the point of difference for Dura-Ace which has been eroded by the improving quality of Ultegra in recent iterations.

      • bigdo

        Agreed, if the price is right, i.e. fucking affordable and not $1200 bucks, then they will def. make an impact, as there are a lot of guys out there wanting to train with power, but can’t swing the price…

  • Legstrong

    I think they took an inspiration from a ketchup container when designing that left PM module. Shimano casing designer, with his greasy fingers, was like “ummmm yeah lets paint it black”. The engineers took KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle too seriously.

  • Yellow Bentley

    Kruijswijk did the whole Giro in these prototype Shimano shoes. I scoured the web for info as they look really solid.

  • velocite

    As a purely recreational rider my power meter is a toy really, but I wonder how important separate left/right figures are. I have Vectors and those figures are interesting to consult from time to time, as in once a year, or when I think of it. If that’s generally the case then it seems a waste to complicate the bike with separate crank sensors. Who considers their split routinely on the road?

  • mt

    I use a Quarq Elsa PM with left and right readings. Coming back from an injury that involved retraining one leg over the other and trying to power it up was much easier using the L/R readings. It was very surprising to see how much the ‘normal’ leg had overcompensated without feeling like it was dominant- 60/40 variance between sides. Maintaining L/R balance meant more efficient riding and results that I wouldn’t have..and will not otherwise have seen. I must admit I’m a tech head that likes to see all the nuts and bolts in data so for me L/R sensors panders to that. The shimano shoes….It’s difficult to see where they are trying to diferentiate themselves here..I swapped from Specialized shoes to Shimano due to the great width/ custom fit and love them- the cat tongue material at the back of the heel is a great component- more pronounced in their cx/ mtb shoe. I’ll be waiting and watching with interest (as per usual)…

  • bigdo

    those shoes are sharp as man… wonder what Shimano will ask for em when they drop…


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