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  • winkybiker

    I can sympathize, even one beer mid ride just kills me. I just can’t do it. Sounds like a great day out, though.

  • Hamish Moffatt

    A beer mid ride, sounds awesome. By the way the Campagnolo quick release story is a myth: https://janheine.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/a-reappraisal-of-tullio-campagnolo/

  • peter

    thanx for the story. i empathize about what you’re going thru with your dad. when my dads time came the bike was my therapist plain and simple. i found i could talk to him and cry and all that stuff only on my bike, alone. i’d only do solo rides for the weeks around that inevitable moment when nothing else matters. well done

  • Rex Lombardi

    Riding a nice new Canyon Endurace eh?

  • Valiant Abello

    Lovely write-up sir, sorry to hear about your dad


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