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  • Valiant Abello

    Oooooh this is good! Good post, look forward to more!

  • XoseM

    wellcome and thanks FSP!

  • Anon N + 1

    “Chantal is just one of many” FORTUNATE “athletes this year who will not be” exposing herself to the Zika virus

  • josh.morris@practicalvision.co

    Interesting, but soz, England aren’t at the Olympics. Great Britain is. Hence all the Welsh/Scots/Northern Irish athletes.

    • lefthandside

      That’s one for TSP (The Secret Proofreader)

    • J Evans

      NI is not part of GB. Hence it’s the UK of GB and NI.

      • Simon E

        I thought NI was considered ‘British’ as opposed to being Irish (or anything else). In a similar way the Isle of Man is a Crown Protectorate so isn’t part of the UK but Manx riders represent GB in the Olympics. Athletes from both regions participate in the Commonwealth Games.

        As for Pooley’s so-called retirement at 33, she changed to racing triathlon, duathlon and events like the (IIRC partly because cycling is so poorly paid) and naturally has been kicking arse in those events. She has rejoined a British Cycling team so not stealing a pro team spot from any up-and-coming starlets but, if anything, assisting young BC riders’ development.

        • ukexplainer


  • Legstrong

    Welcome! It is a very personal and fiery blog. I could list names of possible pros but one stood out, Tiff Cromwell?
    That nature break info is a revelation for me. If it was so nerve-racking, has anyone in femme pro peloton done triathlete style nature-break aka pissing-on-yourself? Make the chamois cream to neutralize the smell. Just a thought.

    • are we allowed to guess? I would agree with your suggestion though, with ‘gal’ and vest’: unless used on purpose to misdirect, these words make me lean towards your guess :)

      • Legstrong

        I will censor that just to be safe.

      • My_Oath

        ‘Gal’ isn’t an Australian term, but it would appear to be in there to pirposefully misdirect

      • jules

        yep it’s Peter Kennaugh

        • Lach

          Doff thy cap to you sir

        • J1

          Hey, he’s a pretty man!

  • love it :)

  • Isaac Wilson


  • SpokesGal

    SO GOOD! I’m finally learning more than just youtube highlight videos!

  • jules

    Interesting on the comeback Olympians

  • Lisa

    Love the concept! The insight in to getting back after being dropped is great – more of that sort of thing please (less of the whinging about riders coming out of retirement, what gives?).

    • jules

      mind you there’s worse things in life than getting lost in Siena

      • Rob

        Almost like taking the long way home from work :)

      • J1

        Can you imagine how many coffee stops they had.
        “Oh damn, we’re lost again”
        “Well there’s a coffee shop….”

  • Superpilot

    Great start! Welcome! Good to see some insights and mirth :) I must comment on the nature breaks. Doing a mixed gender race, I spotted a gal pulled over on the side, doing what she needed to do. The reaction from the male peloton I was in really appalled me. They all sniggering and jeering, when these pricks do the same thing all the time on their training rides probably, ‘marking’ all over all manner of private property. I found it a real disgrace these hubbards feel it necessary to sexualise something such as this. It must have been really demoralising for her.
    I say to FSP, you really have a platform for calling out all that sexist crap if you so wish. Ella does a fantastic job of keeping positive and ignoring the name calling and innuendo. You may not wish to drag yourself to that level of course, or just keep it to female only side, but it is clear to me now a significant portion of riders are still from the 18th century and could do with a good switching themselves!

    • jules

      some blokes will only be happy when they’ve driven all the women away and have achieved their homoerotic fantasy of a men’s only environment

      • Andy B

        He forgot to mention she was doing a number 2

        • Rob

          Full gas

      • Sean

        true that.

  • Paul M

    Yay for FSP! Great first installment. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Cyclingtips (both sides of the shop) just keeps getting better and better!

  • Alexei

    Haha no Secret Pro post (regardless the author’s gender) can be without Russia/Astana blaming

  • eurotodd

    great feature, looking forward to more!

  • ginga_ninja

    Love !! More please!!

  • Phillip Mercer

    I think I like “the Shecret Pro” as a title.

    I think the best thing to illustrate why Lizzie wasn’t wearing warmers and such, there was an article on a different source about Tom Boonen’s “secret code” where if he’s wearing leg warmers the whole race he’s taking it easy. It’s when he’s stripped that he means business.

    Don’t know if Tom puts that much thought into it but it makes me smile.

  • Derek Maher

    Welcome and I loved the first article. Agree with you on the retired resurrecting every 4 years like the title of a horror movie.

  • J Evans

    Does it say something about the quality of the sport if people can do it in a part time fashion – i.e. just come back for the Olympics?

    • Dave

      Yes, it has a shocking lack of depth at the moment.

      Women’s cycling peaked around 1997-2001 and has only just recently started to stabilise a bit after hitting rock bottom. To rebuild it to become genuinely competitive again will take a couple of decades, courtesy of the way that other women’s sports charged forward in the time cycling was stagnant or declining.

  • warnschild

    You could try to use one of those to sort of solve the pee-break problem: https://schöner-festiveln.de/pipi-pappe-urinella

    There are various versions: http://www.pipilady.de/shop-2/pipilady/#prettyPhoto :D

  • Melissa Clarke

    Enjoyed reading the column, good addition to CyclingTips.
    Re Olympic comebacks – if a “part timer” can qualify for the Olympics with “just a few months” of training, that says a lot more about the fitness and ability of the rest of the peloton than it does the comeback queens the Shecret Pro complains about. If they fail, their bid may well have brought more mainstream media attention to the selection process than otherwise would be the case. Seems to me the main gripe is having tougher competition.

  • Jamie Morton

    I like SHEcret Pro. I’m going to forget what FSP means every time.

  • Olivia Erin

    These US Cyclists ROCK. Megan Guarnier, Shelley Olds, Coryn Rivera, Shawn Morelli and Beth Newell Hernandez discussing training and taping for the Olympics, dodging pedestrians and their dream bikes. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0aZBfi5hDY&feature=youtu.be.


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