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For those of you who missed the 24hr pre-screening of Thereabouts 2, you can now see it on Vimeo on Demand for a small donation that will go towards the making of next year’s Thereabouts 3 sequel. Just click play then “Watch Now” in the top right corner of the trailer.

If you haven’t seen the original ‘Thereabouts’ you can view it for free here. If you want to see all the other stories related to Thereabouts that we’ve published, click here.


Gus and Lachlan Morton aren’t your average professional cyclists. In addition to their day jobs of riding and racing for the Jelly Belly team in the US, the Morton brothers are the brains behind Thereabouts: a series of adventures designed to get back to the very essence of cycling. It’s all about riding for riding’s sake, enjoying the process of moving from A to B, learning something about yourself and your mates, and riding hard just because you can.

Thereabouts began in 2014 when Gus and Lachlan rode from their Australian home in Port Macquarie to Uluru, shooting a documentary and creating a beautiful feature article along the way. For their second adventure, Gus and Lachlan were joined by fellow professionals Cam Wurf and Taylor Phinney as they made their way from Boulder, Colorado, to Moab, Utah.

Back in June the quartet wrote about their adventure and shared a bunch of fantastic photos. Now, six months on, the story continues with an hour-long documentary about the trip.

In this honest and unguarded film Gus, Lachlan, Cam and Taylor reveal sides to themselves that are rarely seen publicly. For Cam Wurf, joining Thereabouts is an opportunity to remember the bonds that cycling allows riders to form with one another. For Taylor Phinney the trip formed part of the long recovery from a devastating and much-publicised leg injury. Phinney’s candour about dealing with the injury is memorable and commendable, as too his take on the cycling media and the role of cyclists in the media cycle.

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