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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • As a side note, I asked Snr Sgt Standish (I keep wanting to write “Snr Sgt Mark Cavendish”) whether there’s any known link between the Yarra Boulevard tacks and tack attacks elsewhere around Melbourne, specifically in the Dandenongs. He wasn’t aware of any links with the 1 in 20, nor with the tacks on Oliver’s Hill in Frankston.

    • Spider

      Had not heard of these other attacks…this is getting ridiculous…you come down Mt Dandy/Olivers and hit a tack and there could be serious repercussions. A death at those speeds is a possibility. How did it get to this?

      Every time I throw a leg over the bike these days I’m getting abused by Australians who put their own idea of self-importance over what society’s laws are. A lifetime of economic prosperity and safety has bred a proportion of our nation’s citizens into self-righteous sociopaths.

      • Sean

        We basically need a decent hard hitting recession to put the tradies other bogans back where they belong.

    • Michele

      Standish cycles?

      Vested interest? :)

      • Dave

        The Holden Hill police station might be keen to help out, now there’s a chance to blame it on the driver of a poncy European car.

  • Avuncular

    “The images are grainy but appear to show a Caucasian man in his mid-30s who, according to Victoria Police appears to live locally “as he was dressed in only a white singlet, shorts and no shoes.”” This quote intrigues me as in my many years of using the Kew bvd and observing the locals the typical demographic is older people, well heeled and hardly the type who would be so attired. Of course he could be the son of such folk and not sleeping well that early summer morning got out before dawn for a bit of mischief.

  • claude cat

    7 months to get to this point (after the event)? Really?

  • winkybiker

    In an era when my phone can do full HD video in low light, is there some privacy legislation that ensures that very expensive professional surveillance cameras can only provide blurry, pixellated, noisy images?

  • Jii

    Let’s just settee the mob on him!

  • Frustrating that in this report you quote Snr Sgt Standish as saying “we’re looking for a gunmetal grey Golf GTI, 2015 model” and yet the ABC report refers to a “VW Polo” and in The Age’s story there is a picture (apparently supplied by Victoria Police) of a Polo.

    The CCTV photo might be pretty blurry but it is clear from the general shape of the taillights that the car is not a Polo (which has stubby, vertical taillights) but a Golf (which has wide, horizontal lights).

    These mainstream reports will be read by many more Meburnians than this one, and contain false information which may reduce the chances of somebody sobbing this bloke in.

    • Even more confusingly, the Victoria Police press release describes the car as “a 2015 VW Polo Golf.”

      • Sean

        I’m pretty sure the police are just trolling us.

        • jules

          there’s a FB group where the cops are involved and you can read precisely what happened here. the cops got is slightly wrong but someone talked to a VW dealer staff member who pinned it down to a Golf GTi.

      • Luke Bartlett

        I’m just suprised it’s not a ute with a big Unit or Skin sticker on the back.

    • YodaAndTheBike

      The police have confirmed it is a Polo

      • Michael_Fink

        Those police are wrong

        • YodaAndTheBike

          Many of us would agree with you

  • Sean

    The person in this image fits my stereotype of a reatard who would do this. Destroying someone else’s property, fat, barefoot and wearing a wife beater at 5:30am – and cyclists are the problem…Whaaaat.

  • VK

    Sleuthing community need to get onto carsales.com.au to look out for this car. I am sure he will try to dispose it now.

  • bigdo

    What a fucking asshole… catch hime and flog the fuck man… lol

  • martin

    I had hoped that with a sense of the net closing in around them that this might finally come to an end. But after being undone by a shiny new tack on Sunday it would seem the flow of tacks isn’t going to end any time soon.

  • Sean

    Has this guy be caught yet? if so, who is he?

  • Ryan

    Throwing that much on road got to have a big purchase, so why would it be difficult to do so?
    But this would help training for better tire puncture repair on the side of the road too.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017