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  • Jim Barber

    I am an old man who rides a bike hoping to get a little fitter. So you had a brain injury doing something you love…Good on ya! I had a brain aneurysm rupture while I was sitting in an easy chair in front of a computer. We probably went through some of the same stuff on the road to recovery. My point is, stuff is going to happen to you whether you do what you love or hide in closet. Don’t let other people’s questions get you down. What other people think of me is nothing I am concerned with. Ride on until you don’t love it anymore. Then ride a bit longer just to be sure.

  • Stuttgart5

    We are “designed” to compete. It’s the same as asking why we like food. Because the brain tells you that you like it. It makes you feel good. That good feeling is mechanism that exists to get you to act. To act in certain ways, that benefit your ability to get your genetic code into the next generation. That is why we enjoy competition, because we are designed to enjoy it. Not for some rational reason. Bike racing is so dangerous as to be very irrational often. So the decision to race isn’t even a conscious one. We rationalize the decision after the sub conscious has decided. Etc. Evolutionary psychology explains the process quite clearly. Humans will compete at anything. The method is secondary.

  • Jasmin Welter

    This has given me all of the feels…especially this line resonates with me: “I still race to give back to a community that has given so much yet taken away so much as well.” In my admittedly short time as a cyclist, I’ve experienced the very highs and lows of the sport. I have the most bittersweet memories when it comes to racing, and I guess in continuing to do so, I am challenging the sweet to eventually conquer the bitter

  • “Always keep riding.”

    –Mathew Hayman

  • Gavin Adkins

    “This thing we call bike racing, it’s not a real thing. What most people get out of cycling is camaraderie and adventure.” – J.


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