From Belgium to Turkey: Follow the 2016 Transcontinental Race here

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For the next two weeks the self-supported race across Europe from Belgium to Turkey in this event that’s sure to capture the imagination of everyone and anyone who rides a bike.

The fourth edition of the Transcontinental Race will start at the Muur van Geraardsbergen in Belgium at midnight on July 29th. The finish will be in Istanbul. When? Nobody knows. This is where the fun begins.

The clock never stops and there is no defined route in the TCR. Riders will navigate their way between the start and the finish via 4 mandatory check points:

CP1. Clermont-Ferrand (France’s Massif Central)
CP2. Furkapass (Swiss Alps)
CP3. Passo di Giau (Italian Dolomites)
CP4. Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)

Find out more about what the Transcontinental Race is here.

You can follow the Transcontinental via the Facebook group here, Twitter hashtag #TCRNo4, the RaceTracker here, and the new FreeRoute tracker here.

You can head to the official TCR website here.


For the first time, two previous winners of the TransContinental are competing against each other. Kristof Allegaert (No.3) won in 2013, in a time of 7days, 14hrs, and in 2014 in 7days, 23hrs. In 2015 Kristof was busy winning the Red Bull Trans-Siberian extreme, opening the doors for Josh Ibbett (001) who won in 9d, 23hrs.

There are other very strong contenders who come back this year with experience, including Alexander Bourgeonnier (002) who came 2nd to Josh in 2015, UK national time-trial winner and Ultan Coyle (004) who came 4th in 2015 riding a time-trial bike, James Hayden (075) another fast TT rider who rode ahead of Josh for 3 days in 2015, finally giving in to a case of Shermer’s Neck. There’s also Stephane Ouaja the French professional courier (012) who came 12th in 2015, even on a fixed-wheel bike, and this year he’s riding a regular geared road bike.

You can see all the solo competitors here and pairs competitors here.


1. Riders must ride from the start point to the finish point and visit all mandatory controls en-route. Only mandatory controls ensure that racers visit some of the most famous pieces of road in Europe and connect with their competitors.

2. 3rd party support is prohibited. All food, drink and equipment must be carried by the rider or acquired en-route.

3. Drafting is prohibited.

4. All forward land travel must be human powered.

5. Ferries are permitted for expedient coast to coast travel, by approval of the Race Director.

6. Riders are responsible for maintaining positional updates and evidence thereof.

7. 2+ days of inactivity without contact will be deemed a scratch.

8. No Helmet, No Insurance, No Ride.

9. It is the rider’s responsibility to know and observe local laws.

10. Riders must act in the spirit of self sufficiency and equal opportunity for all racers.