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  • Torontoflatlander

    For a man to keep second place for so long and in one of his early Tours, he did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to watch him keep up with the big guns in the mountains. My only takeaway is that OBE needs a new bike sponsor, Scott did a pretty poor job of celebrating the fact that they had a rider in the white jersey for so long and all he got was some lousy bartape.

    • Irenemlopez1

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  • sket

    An incredible result adding to a great GT year for OBE. But I can’t help but wonder what this means for his worth and whether OBE can retain him?

    • Lach

      From an outside looking perspective, whilst they may not be able to support the full ‘worth’ in monetary terms, the support OBE provide on & off the bike is surely more valuable to him than money alone. I still think they can give him a payrise within reason, that would satisfy him to stay? I hope so anyway.

      • Dave

        It has been confirmed they won’t have Matthews next year which should free up some room in the budget. I don’t believe they have renewed with Gerrans yet.

        A bigger rise would probably have to wait until they get a new primary sponsor to replace Orica for the 2018 season and beyond.

        One thing is for sure – he won’t go to Sky.

        • John

          Dave – how do you know he wont go to Sky?

          • Amanda Black

            Here is how you know he won’t join Sky. If you watch his riding style/strategy and look at his personality. He is not a good match for Sky’s culture and he knows it. Sky is a very conformist, monolithic block that likes to get in front and control/dominant the entire peloton. Yatesy is a quiet, unassuming guy who likes to stay in the back and observe in a way that people almost forget that he is there. As the tour progressed, he had to learn to share with his own team mates what was going on, what he needed. He likes to keep to himself. He was punched going up Mount Ventoux and didn’t mention a thing to his own director sportif. It came out because the media discovered some social media video. At the same time, Yatesy is supremely confident and competitive about where he wants to end up. Do you think this is the kind of guy who wants to have his individuality stripped to be an anonymous super-domestique. Orica gives hims a super supportive, no pressure environment for him to execute his plan to be the the best cyclist he can be. Look at how protective and fatherly Whitey is to Adam in all the orica backstage pass videos on youtube.

            • John

              How insightful Amanda! I have two quesions for you then.
              1.What so you think will the team dynamics be if Adam and Simon ride together? Would Simon support Adam for GC? or vice versa?
              2. Adam Yates and Esteban Chaves on the same team, aiming for GC. Do you think that would work or no?

              • Amanda Black

                Two things. First, I just noticed an article after I posted that Sky was eyeing the twins to sign them up in 2014. The twins wanted to be on the same team together, wherever they went. They choose Orica over Sky. Adam said that if he went Sky he would just be a “slave on the front” for the big names. So they had that option and turned it down. Second, to answer your question, yes, 100% each brother would support each other for a GC win for any big tour. Here’s the supporting evidence. When Van Avermaent and BMC were saying he would have won the San Sebestian Classic over Adam if a tour motorbike hadn’t caused his crash, Adam was upset but silent. Simon took to social media to point out a photo where Adam was 2 seconds behind Greg, basically debunking the bulls–t BMC was putting out there and pointing out that Adam rightly won a prestigious title on his own legs, not a technicality. In addition, apparently Adam and Simon talked every night during the tour de france. Simon is probably the only person Adam confides in for now. So I think they support each other deeply. It’s probably like when they were as kids, if they are not first on the podium, the only other person they want to see standing there is their twin. Your last question. However Orica decides to handle balancing Chaves and Yates on the same team, I’m sure it will be smarter than that f-up BMC did this year with co-leaders Porte and Van Garderen.

                • Dave

                  Orica can comfortably handle having Yates^2 and Chaves. I don’t think we’ll ever see both Yates brothers and Chaves in the same race, though I won’t be surprised if Simon rides for Chaves at the Vuelta this year after his suspension forced a change to the team’s race plans.

                  What they can’t handle on their low budget is supporting the current SIX potential team leaders of Yates^2, Chaves, Matthews, Ewan and Gerrans. Matthews is out the door at the end of this year and Ewan can be kept out of the way of races where they launch a full GC assault, but I’m not confident that renewing with Gerrans will be a better move than using his slot to bring in better support or make a better offer to secure the Yates brothers.

                  Orica showed their strength of team management at both the Giro and Tour this year – when they did target stage wins (successfully in one instance) it was not at the expense of abandoning Chaves/Yates. The support for Ewan at the Giro lacked firepower and the dual freelancers of Matthews and Gerrans weren’t great at the Tour, but the GC guys were still well supported on those days.

                  Where BMC stuffed up at the Tour was not with having Porte and Van Garderen going into the race as co-leaders, that was a frank necessity with the fragility that both of them have showed in previous grand tours, and protecting two guys on the flatter days is not much harder than protecting one. The big problem was that they didn’t have a road captain to keep the domestiques focused on the long game of protecting their GC guys, rather than chasing down the stage 2 breakaway for GVA and abandoning Porte in the process.

      • sket

        I agree, and I also hope that this will be the case. But if Sky were to approach him with a 3y deal (and include his bro) or something along those lines I’m sure it would be very hard to turn it down.

        • BikeRideMike

          Sky have a very strict no doping history policy, which sadly would rule Simon out, regardless of the nature of his suspension.

  • Dan Atkinson

    Out of respect for our neighbours on the other side of the hills, can I point out that the Yates boys are from Lancashire. It’s not quite Yorkshire but has its merits non the less.

    Also, don’t assume they’re the only great British talent coming through the ranks. With the likes of Hugh Carthy and Tao Geoghegan Hart to keep an eye on the Yates brothers won’t be the only future TDF podium fillers / Sky super domestiques to look out for in the future.

    • Stuart Raybould

      Re: Lancashire / Yorkshire – a small but important distinction!

  • david__g

    He also seems like a very likable, modest, down to earth bloke with a good personality and sense of humour. Bravo Adam, it was great to watch you every day.


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