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  • jules

    the article isn’t finished :)

    • Sean


  • SNS

    FWIW, I doubt Shara made the appeal. She posted this on her Twitter in early June: “To those who have been asking me about going to Rio, personally I think it’s a GreenEDGE only event.My PredictionGarfoot,Spratt,Neylan,Elvin”

    • jules

      that makes me suspect it was her! not that she’d have anything to be ashamed of – anyone is entitled to due process

      • Dave

        I also expect it was Gillow.

        I don’t think it would have been Cromwell, she’s mature enough to know she hadn’t produced the results to deserve selection this time around.

  • Callum Dwyer

    Who lodge an appeal?

    • bike-aholic

      Probably one of the better climbers in the pro peloton. Disappointing for Lauren Kitchen, she has been super consistent this year and a good climber as well.

  • velocite

    I’m disappointed Tiffany Cromwell isn’t in. Terrific and interesting competitor.

    • Gavin Adkins

      Agree. Clearly a very tough selection. While all the selected riders have earned their spot fair and square, I am still uneasy that they are all Orica-AIS riders. I mean, objectively I can see how they ended up with that line-up, but still, it’s not a great look, especially with the recent wins by Cromwell and Hosking, and the consistent performances of Kitchen, Taylor and Gillow this season.

      • Doris Torres

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      • Dave

        I have no problems with the four who were selected. Anyone who has an objective look at it will know they made their own selection criteria with their results in the last 18 months or so, they’ve all been notching up big results in hard races.

        Cromwell? Three and a half years between victories, and the recent one against a depleted pre-Olympics field came after the team was selected and the appeal (which I don’t think it was her) lodged.
        Hosking? Not a contender for Rio course, but she will certainly be going to the World Championships (a flat race) as either the protected sprinter or to lead out Annette Edmonson.
        Kitchen? Possibly.
        Taylor? Potentially a contender for Neylan’s spot, and I would expect she was possibly the last rider to be dropped.
        Gillow? Too heavy for the Rio course, and also over three years since her last win on the road.

    • Dave

      I’m pretty sure she is mature enough to know she hadn’t produced the results to earn it this time, and I expect she was not the rider who appealed it.

      At the times when the team was selected and the intention to appeal lodged, she had gone three and a half years since her last victory.

  • Eric

    Reminds one of the non-selection of Steve Cummings by the Brits where four of five spots went to Team Sky racers; some say it was Peter Kennagh who was selected for the spot that should have gone to Cummings.

    • Dave

      In this case, only one of the four selectors has had any past or present involvement with Orica-AIS and one of the others was the former owner of a rival team whose other business still pays two of the non-selected riders for endorsements.


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