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  • Gavin Adkins

    I thought that Australia had four spots for the men’s road race. Are they going to announce the fourth rider later?

    • Cynthiarbricker1


    • Dave

      They will be using the fourth road race spot to select a fifth Team Pursuit rider, rather than having the Omnium rider Glenn O’Shea (not a great pursuit rider) double up like the Brits will be doing with Cav. They may need to have that rider (i.e. Bobridge, Edmonson or Hepburn) start the road race for the sake of appearances, a bit like the French “road” rider who used that loophole to contest the Keirin in London.

      I can’t help thinking that Simon Clarke would have been a better pick for the Rio road course than Simon Gerrans.

      • Gavin Adkins

        If that’s the case then that seems like a reasonable strategy provided that a fourth rider (from the TP squad) actually starts the road race and rides in support for at least a few hours. Nonetheless, CA should explain, they have a history of not filling available spots with starters (particularly in the U23 men World TT champs) without explanation. A considerable amount of public money goes into the HPU and if they’re not starting a rider when they could, then they should provide a reason.

        • Dave

          “We are using all the available slots to go all in on winning the Team Pursuit” would be a more than acceptable explanation for me. Unlike the situation at the World Championships where the quotas are completely separate for each event, they will actually be using all their available slots.

          The Team Pursuit rider should pull off at the point that the road race no longer serves them well as a training ride, and not a minute later.

          • Arfy

            That should be pretty early considering trackies don’t know how to change gears. Just hope it’s on an uphill section as they’ll get a huge shock when it starts freewheeling and don’t know how to brake.

            • Dave

              Too true. When one of those said trackies beat the pants off all the road riders at Buninyong this year it looked like he used the same big gear the whole race.

              Reece Homfray has the theory that the extra domestique might actually be one of the MTB riders rather than one of the pursuit riders. Dan McConnell has raced the road nationals most years and usually finishes inside the top 30 with a best of 11th, and he placed 26th at the TDU for Trek Factory Racing last year.

  • Dave

    The announcements of the women’s road and men’s MTB teams are being held up because non-selected riders are appealing the selectors’ decision.

    • geoff.tewierik

      How many slots do we get for the Mens MTB? 1st slot should be Dan McConnell, can’t think of anyone else who’d be eligible for that slot off the top of my head.

      • Dave


        I agree about McConnell, so it would surely be the second spot that’s being contested.

        • Andrew O’Neill

          Between Cam Ivory and Brendan Johnston. Both have their merits, but would be surprised if it doesn’t go to Ivory.

          • Mad Panda

            Either of them could possibly make a 4th in the road team!

  • Mad Panda

    Dunno how Peta Mullens was overlooked :(


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