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  • Eat More Lard

    If only Bennett was allowed to use disc brakes. Braking with only 2 fingers wouldn’t been a problem then! Tough, tough athletes though. Chapeau.

    • jules

      maybe I’m forgetting what comes instinctively in an emergency braking situation, but as far as I’m aware I only brake with 2 fingers normally.

      very impressive by these guys anyway. the true heroes are suffering on the back, they’re doing it much harder than Froome etc.

  • Marcus

    Nice behind the scenes article that you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else. I found this very interesting and it really makes you think about the human aspect, these guys are not machines. When you watch soccer and see guys rolling around not able to get up when someone brushes past them and then watch this race and see guys refuse to give up when they really shouldn’t be carrying on… Love this sport, surely one of the toughest and most beautiful that there is.

    • jules

      those soccer prima donnas really detract from my enjoyment of the sport when they’re rolling around. why am I giving up my time to watch grown men feign injury? better things to do. like watched incredible cycling performances :)

    • Shane Stokes

      Thank you Marcus…really is tough.

  • George Darroch

    These cyclists impress me even more. No other sport like it…


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