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  • Andy B

    in respect of disc brakes and other rules how do UCI judgments effect smaller races?
    Is all racing internationally bound by the same rules or do the local cycling bodies make these calls?
    Are cycling Australia capable of allowing racing with discs when UCI won’t? Are they just reluctant to make this change if others are warning against it for safety reasons? Just curious as to where its headed ?

    To my understanding they are ok for use in gran fondos, is this correct?

    • Hamish F

      I think that USA cycling is still allowing the use of disks in US national races, I think there was an article about that on CT a while ago

    • Dave

      The rules for events not classified by the UCI would depend on whether the national body’s regulations have the full text of the UCI technical regulations or just a line saying “look at what the UCI says.”

      In the case of CA, their technical regulations are the full text of the UCI regulations as they were last year before disc brakes were allowed, but they could allow them if they wanted. USA Cycling also has the full text of the regulations, but their version allows disc brakes and they have confirmed they will not be banned without an evidence-based reason to do so.

      Gran Fondos and other non-race events are up to the organisers, except perhaps for Amy’s Gran Fondo which I believe does have some level of sanctioning from CA. I’m not aware of any other organisers in Australia banning disc brakes as yet and I’ve checked with three already – BikeSA, SA Major Events and BNV.

      • Andy B

        Thanks Dave

    • RacingCondor

      British Cycling took the view that they would continue to ban them from racing until the end of the test year so they’re still banned here.

      Presumably had everything gone well they would have allowed them next year but no idea what will be done now. I’m guessing there’s someone monitoring race injuries in the US and other early adopters.

      Sportive / Gran Fondos usually don’t apply race rules (extremely rare in the UK, less so in Europe) but if they do they’ll apply the relevant rules for the country.

  • Dave

    Was the Russian team to Rio a no-go subject?

    The response on the issue of electronic aids is pretty weak.

  • Ross

    Should of asked Cookson if he has plans to reduce the number of support cars and motorbikes mingling with riders during races.


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