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  • Barb Finacchio

    Are you freakin kidding me?! Coquard is such a dirty cyclist. This is the second time I saw him move into other people’s lanes and try to bump them.

    • Andy B

      his head is all over the place

    • Mark Blackwell

      A bit harsh in this instance… maintaining a straight line on a grinding uphill sprint when your legs are screaming, trying to beat Kittel, really aint easy.

    • Michele

      ‘Such a dirty cyclist … second time blah, blah, blah’. So if I can find 2 instances of Cav moving off his line, he too is “such a dirty cyclist”?

      You’re freaking kidding me.

      You seen the overhead?

      Kittel veered left as much as Coquard veered right.

      • Shane Ingram

        I struggle to believe Coquard was intentionally trying to bump. It doesn’t make sense to try and bump Kittel (who must have at least 25kg on Coquard’s 59kg) if he wants to win. He was throwing his bike from side to side trying to get all the power out he could. The style is a bit ugly and reckless but I would give him the benefit of the doubt of being on the limit rather than riding dirty.

        • winkybiker

          Yeah, he’s squirrely and a bit random for sure, but no intent to interfere that I saw.

          • treb’

            I like the way Coquard sprints, it looks like he is digging, not beautiful but seems rather effective !

            • Samuel Clemens

              I have much respect for Coquard, young and says good things in interviews.

              • Abdu

                Although the recent one might be lost ion translation as someone pointed out.

                Didn’t he say something like “I feel I am now amongst the greats”?

                Has to be a translation error, because he’s eminently forgettable in world cycling.

                • Samuel Clemens

                  He did say that, but he meant he is now competing with the greats, not that he himself is one of them.

    • philipmcvey

      Who did he impede? He gave the much larger Kittel a little bump. Kittle still won, so I doubt whether he’s complaining. The overhead clearly shows Coquard taking his own line on the left and then gradually moving in to the centre of the road – he didn’t cut anyone up. From the front it looked messy – but all I saw was a rider giving every ounce of his energy to hitting the line first. Nothing dirty about it.

  • Tristan Brown

    Look at those shoes!

    • bigdo

      Coquard’s laceup’s? Oh yeah…very nice!

      • winkybiker

        Nope. Awful, awful things.

        • philipmcvey

          I am firmly in the ‘awful’ camp too. ‘Brave’ is about the kindest word I can use for his choice of footwear.

    • common sense

      almost like he left his race shoes at home, and had to wear his vans for the day!

      • Andy B

        Damn Bryan

        • Roger That

          Great hair and great shoes will always beat OK hair and very average-looking footwear that belongs at a skatepark.

      • Dave

        If Sagan had done that he would have won.

  • In the photo finish pic: is that an optical illusion, or are the spokes actually distorted like that by a high power sprint?

  • De Waffle Stoemper

    If only he had an aero helmet and bike… #5minutesfaster

    • treb’

      Yes totally, Coquard would enjoy his champagne after a nice shower before the arrival of Marcel !

  • Gerrans 10th and Matthews 14th. I don’t think this approach is delivering results. Maybe the finish wasn’t quite right for OBE but we seem to be regularly seeing this combination close but never close enough.

    • Andy B

      i’m not sure trading one of them for another lead out guy would make a huge difference
      At least it gives them a second rider to fall back on if one has an accident

      I just don’t think these guys have been suited to a stage yet

      • Abdu

        I reckon it’s generous to say they’ve not had a stage “suited to them”.

        Matthews is leaving, and Gerro has never coexisted well with any threats (by that I mean he just does his own thing when he’s got a chance).

        Reckon they’re under performing, although Bling might have already stacked so can be excused.

    • velocite

      Doesn’t look like a combination, does it? How would Matt White explain that finish?

  • Michele

    Thought CT would’ve used “By a coiffed hair!”


    “Coquard a bit stiff to lose in a photo finish”


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